Friday, September 16, 2022

Joining in the fun

September 11 was Jamie's birthday. So last Sunday, he turned 9. We decided to make it a memorable day for him and his siblings by bringing them out for a little outdoor fun to celebrate. We hardly did much for the past 2 years on his special day due to Covid-19 so we decided it was high time for a little celebration.

Something different for him. We brought him out for a fun time in Sentosa Theme Park. An indoor fun, games and sports park for all ages. RM88 per person for the kids that covered 14 activities. We added another RM45 per person for the go cart racing, which yours truly joining in the fun!!

We were very early, reached there before 10am. The centre only opened at 10am. Good idea to come early as we basically had the whole place to ourselves!! Only after 12, more crowds coming in and by then, we almost finished most of the activities!!

Started off with the EV go cart, the 4 of us had fun racing on the track. First time for all of us; we spent a good 10 minutes thrilling on the track. 

Then the kids went for archery...

Nintendo game, Sony VR, PS4, blaster game and so forth. The kids covered all the 14 activities, which last for 3 hours (including a short lunch break)

For lunch, we ordered burgers and fries from the centre. RM49.50 for 5 burgers and 1 pack of French fries. 

Then the kids proceed to the last activity, which was the 5D museum before we headed home. 

Everyone was tired after the activities and since the next day was the school day, everyone knocked out early in the evening. 

Honest remark: The place was rather run down, not much maintenance in place and some equipment was unusable. Lack of staff and the staff at present was not knowledgeable when asked on the activities. 


suituapui said...

Bet that was a lot of fun. Ya, trouble with places here, not well-maintained, so sad.

Angie's Recipes said...

Wish I could join too! Tired...but that's a good kind of tiredness :-))

mun said...

Happy birthday to Jamie! 🎂 🎉 What a wonderful way to celebrate it. So fun! Thanks to mommy and daddy! Lucky got mommy n daddy to supervise since the place is not well maintained.

Nux V said...

that place is clearly understaff just like some eateries and service businesses in KL. And could be cutting cost when it comes to maintenance due to rising cost in material and manpower.