Sunday, September 25, 2022


A brunch appointment with a friend in Stutong yesterday. Our friend chosen this coffee shop for brunch, namely Heng Ki Kopitiam next to Foody Goody Cafe in Stutong. 

A treat by our friend; he recommended the fried mihun to me. Special fried mihun from the noodle stall (kolo mee) . 

And when it came, I was surprised!! More like  shocked!! Didn't expect the special was like this!!

Protein filled plate, with sliced pork belly, braised pork belly and more!! I like that they used those very fine mihun, like the Heng Hua mihun which went well with the ingredients. Slightly salty for me but overall, it was nice and wholesome. I found it hard to finish it!!

As for my man, our friend recommended kolo mee special, and that how his brunch looked like!! How special it was with those innards at the side. There was an innards soup to go with it which I didn't take shot of. Not sure how much our food cost as our friend paid for it. 

Both of us skipped our lunch yesterday.


Angie's Recipes said...

I like anything with pork belly!

suituapui said...

I've been to Foody Goody before. I think I had the laksa, one of the popular ones in town.

PH said...

LOL! The special is really special, so loaded with proteins. Very ngam for me!

Nux V said...

the meehoon is indeed so special!

mun said...

Wah I like your mihun, so much ingredients, must be extremely sedap!

Nancy Chan said...

Your friend did recommend very special items. I am feeling hungry now.