Tuesday, December 18, 2018

One week until Christmas

Christmas is in a week time and we did some Christmas cum CNY shopping last weekend. Now is also the best time to enjoy the beautiful Christmas joy and decoration in the malls.

The Spring Mall always has beautiful and amazing decoration and set up, so this year, again it has never fail to impress its shoppers. 

It felt like walking into an enchanted garden. Elves, unicorn, dragon, Triton, musical instrument etc enticed you to walk into their magical Christmassy world.

Hope you enjoy the photos as much as I took them. 

I still don't know what is this gadget

A path in the garden

Bright, shining blue flowers

Flower bed

Musical instruments that plays Christmas song when you wind it

Musical instrument

Magical creatures

Dragon that can close and open its eyes

Closing its eyes

Angry Triton?

Flying reindeer?

Pink unicorn!

Festive bazaar in the garden


PH said...

The decorations are so colorful! I must start my CNY shopping soon. LOL!

lina said...

Wah, nice deco

Merryn said...

Really nice decor this year at your place. I like the one with the Christmas music if you wind it up, just like a musical box.

I havent got the time to check out the decor in the Klang Valley this year though.

mun said...

The decorators have outdone themselves with the setup this year!

suituapui said...

Oh? The big ones are back in Kuching? Oh no!!! One week till Christmas means one week after that till New Year...and it will be back to the jungle and the Pain Borneo Highway for me. Sobssss!!!!

Small Kucing said...

Lovely to walk around the malls this time of the year

Twilight Man said...

Your photos are so colourful and nice.
I always love the Christmas festive mood as it calms my spirit that a good year has ended.

Nux V said...

colourful, I believe lotsa family would like to take pictures with those replicas.

Libby said...

I like the Unicorn the most!

The Yum List said...

Hard to believe these will soon all be gone and replaced with CNY decorations which is just around the corner!

Blackswan said...

Those flowers are such a beauty! xoxo

Diana Diane Teo said...

Aiyak. I went The Spring last weekend for movie but didn't notice the Christmas decoration. Oh no!!!

Nancy Chan said...

Beautiful and fun Christmas decorations. I still have started shopping.