Thursday, July 14, 2016

Second visit

We went back to this Expert Kopitiam in RH Plaza for our second visit just few days after this dinner. It was a Wednesday, the 1st day of Hari Raya.

There was a very terrible thunderstorm that evening as we were on our way there.  Thankfully we were fine and by the time we reached there, the rain has slowed down.  Some trees in Kuching were uprooted that evening due to the strong wind and rain. We spotted the trees in 3rd Mile fell on the road when we were on our way home.

Back to our dinner, hubby and Jay had the kampua again from the same stall on our second visit.  As for Jan, she wanted the fried mee hoon but the stall was not open.  So she's ended up with roti telur for her dinner.

Roti telur (RM2.00)

The previous visit, we did not get to taste the char kueh (fried radish cake) so this round we ordered a small portion to taste.  It was good.  Salty and tasty.

Char Kueh (RM4.00)

As for yours truly, I went for the Kueh Chap as I felt like having something warm and soup on this cold evening. So, a bowl of Kueh Chap with lean meats, beancurds and egg for me. So much in the bowl, I couldn't finish it. The soup was not overly strong; just nice for me.

Kueh Chap (RM5.00)

And everyone went home feeling satisfied and full. 


  1. Very nice meal you all had.

  2. Isn't that quite a distance from where you stay? Can't remember anything that is so very nice there that would get me to go that far especially when one can get the same things at a lot of other places, never mind that they are not as nice, as long as they are nice enough.

    I think they have kacang ma at one of the stalls too - never got to try as when I went, it was closed. Gosh!!! Haven't had kacang ma for quite sometime now. :(

  3. The roti telur looks good... this afternoon I ate a capati.. long time never take indian food so I felt like taking.

  4. I just had char kueh on sun, but didn't take picture, but the one i eat is with black sauce...

  5. I like to eat Kueh Chap with eggs and bean curds and the meat must be lean meat. Tasty!

  6. Looks like a great meal, Rose! :)

  7. I've not eaten roti telor for ages. Jan's looks so good I am craving for it now >_<

  8. I'm suddenly craving for roti telur after reading your post. The kueh chap is making me salivate too. Haizzz..we need to be neighbours!

  9. Same as Sharon D, you made me have a craving for roti telur

    But normally it is known as roti prata