Thursday, July 16, 2015

Irresistable tea break

After all the food posts by my friends and our beloved Sibu food ambassador last week on prawn fritters and ang tau peng, I have been craving for them. Blame on the power of food (and social media! @_@)

So how happy I were when a friend asked me whether want to have a tea break with her few days ago. How could I resist! So I jumped the wagon and hit the road without second thought. 

Reason being I do not come to this part of the town that often and it is not so near from my place. I would not come here if not so something good or in a good company of friends.

I do not normally do afternoon tea. Hardly munch on anything in between my meals. However, I love this kind of tea break. Not tea literally. Who could resist tasty and crispy fritters and fried lok lok and some more with a bowl of cold iced dessert??

We went to Old Rex Cafe in Rubber road. Just when we reached there, it started to rain pretty heavily. That did not dampen our mood and glad we were able to find a vacant table. Talking about afternoon tea, the place was packed to max! Those people no need to work???

Soon our delicious plate of fried fritters came. Oh boy, we have fried prawn fritters,  fish balls, sweet potatoes and beancurd.

Prawns fritters and fish balls

Sweet potatoes and fried beancurds

I love its chilli dipping. My friend went for 2nd serving of its chilli sauce. Lol. Prawn fritters still tasted good after all these years. Not oily at all. Crispy and great to go with the chilli sauce. Remember when I were a child, I used to eat prawn fritters in Old Rex on Sunday afternoons before the old cinema was demolished and the fritter guy moved to current location.
Chilli sauce with crushed nuts

And to quench our thirst, we ordered a bowl of laicikan each.

Laicikan (ngoh mee thng)

Underneath the shaved ice, hide all the delicious and sweet desserts such as barleys, jellies, orange peels, and white fungus. I liked it because it was not too sweet.
RM2.50 per bowl

It was a satisfying tea break and we enjoyed the chatting as well. By the time we finished our food, the rain has stopped.

Hope we have more rain in the next few days. A much cooler holiday as it is going to be a long weekend. And I would like to wish all my Muslim friends, "Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri".


  1. Hahhh!!!! Blame me kah? Hehehehehe!!!! Old Rex? I'd stick to my Peterson and Swee Kang! :D

  2. their cucur udang is the best! esp their dipping sauce! but yalah, this place always packed one

  3. cucur udang best to eat when straight from the wok. yum

  4. Old Rex Cafe! My goodness, it's been a while since I've heard this name. :)

    I used to come here too, back when our office was at 2 1/2 Mile in Kuching, and eat the same thing. Haha! I think the place is packed coz people come here to catch snake. It's relatively hidden, not like Padungan or elsewhere where someone driving by can see you.

  5. Thank God looking at photos of food is calorie free!
    They look good.

  6. I like prawn fritters with the chili and peanut sauce. Why are all the yummy food loaded with calories huh? Your bowl of laicikan is so refreshing!

  7. I like to eat cucur udang very much!

  8. Wah I would love to have some laicikan now. The weather is so hot.

  9. The fried prawn fritters makes me craving for it, hehe...