Friday, December 7, 2018

Loitering in the mall

It was last Monday when my girl and few of her good girlfriends had a meet up in the mall. They decided to go to Aeon Mall for the date, fun and lunch.

Christmas decoration was up and the mall was in the festive mood.

The children took some shots along with the decoration but prior to that, we had our lunch together in the food court.

I tried a new stall this round. Briyani stall. I ordered nasi kerabu with ayam masak merah (RM9) since I didn't feel like having briyani.

My RM9 lunch. The chicken was spicy or maybe I had a sore throat that day, I felt it was too spicy for me. The rice was alright but not much. Just enough for me.

After lunch, I left the girls to their own way and came back to pick Jan at 4pm as agreed. She had so much fun loitering with her friends in the mall, you bet. I am sure she would miss this bunch of friends but at least they can keep in touch through phone.


suituapui said...

Your lunch looks good! Have not been around much but I think Christmas is kind of laid back this year, don't see much decor around. Economy no good.

Reanaclaire said...

I have not been to the malls in Ipoh as yet during this Christmas season... I heard that the one in 1Utama has the best deco... yet to be seen by me.. hahaha..

mun said...

Fun to hang out with friends at the malls!

Merryn said...

Jan and her friends are going to different schools next year?

Nancy Chan said...

It is good to hang out with friends once in awhile, no matter what our age. Your lunch looks very delicious!

Small Kucing said...

Now is the best time to hang out at the mall. full of christmas mood

Rose world said...

Yes. Mostly go to the designated schools but some goes to other preferred schools like Jan. So far only her going to our preferred secondary school.

Libby said...

It's the most wonderful time of the year, as the song sings, hee hee.

It is good to have friends to hang out with, like what nancy said, regardless of our age.

Imemily said...

the lunch price in mall is almost same with outside food court stall without air con
sometimes I also prefer going mall for meal
I like nasi kerabu too