Sunday, December 16, 2018

Not eating healthy

One afternoon, together with my sister, we went to Old Rex Cafe for lunch.

I had recovered from my sickness and had a sudden craving for a particular dish that day. Belacan bee hoon!

So that was how we ended up here that afternoon.

My dose of belacan bee hoon (RM4) which was nice. I don't remember I had this dish from here in the past but I was happy I did had it that day. It was alright. Not too overwhelmingly in belacan taste, unlike those old, established shop. The taste here was just appetizing enough to satisfy my craving.

Belacan bee hoon

My sis on the other hand went for the Malay stall which was behind the Belacan bee hoon stall. She had their normal nasi lemak (RM5). She enjoyed her nasi leak especially its sambal.

Nasi lemak

Our lunch wouldn't be complete without having Old Rex fried fritters. So we ordered a plate of fritters for RM7. 

Fried fritters

We had 1 stick of bishop's nose (RM3), 1 piece of sweet potato, 1 piece of bean curd and 2 pieces of fried fritters (RM1 per piece)'

And to quench our thirst, we had ngoh mee th'ng.  We both had the warm version. Not that warm, the temperature was just right. RM3 per bowl.

Ngoh mee th'ng

We were not eating healthily that day but who cares! Once a while I don't mind indulge in such sinful food. As long as the tummy is happy (and my body can stand the heaty food). ^^


mun said...

I thought the belacan mee hoon is the stir fried dry type. Didn't expect it to be wet with quite a lot of gravy. Don't think I have seen it sold here. Bishop nose - are you referring to chicken behind? I have not seen that sold in coffee shops here, only seen it being sold in Japanese yakitori restaurants.

Libby said...

The nasi lemak looks good with the fried chicken, good to hear that you had recovered, health is important

suituapui said...

Tried Old Rex once, never went back again...but I hear my favourite, Peterson, is not so good either now. Maybe it is because the old man is not passionate about what he sells anymore - last time he would do it all by himself and now he has some young Indonesian workers to do it for him.

I had the belacan bee hun at Swee Kang, opposite Petersons - people told me it was good...but I don't think it is something I would want to have again. Maybe it's an acquired taste, like Penang laksa.

The Yum List said...

I like your title. No pretending. ;-)

Nancy Chan said...

I will go for the nasi lemak! Lol! Big portion, can last till dinner!

PH said...

I am quite curious about the belacan beehoon. I thought it would be fried but turns out to be soupy.

Rose said...

Wah nasi lemak tampaknya enak, sy jadi lapar hehehe

Twilight Man said...

The prices are quite cheap. That will allow me to eat many rounds.