Friday, October 31, 2008

It is that night again

It may not be as crazy as in the West as Halloween is not much celebrated in this part of the world. Every year on this date, people will be making fun of themselves by dressing up like ghosts, zombies and witches and bringing along carved pumpkins. You attended any Halloween party before?

I have never attended any Halloween party before but I remember in my previous employment, there was a particular year where I needed to dress up for a children fancy dress competition. Been held in conjunction with Halloween party, the theme for the competition was The Addam’s Family. Want to guess which character I dress up as??

No consolation prize for the correct guess, okay? LOL! I give you a clue. I was heavily make-up, so heavy and pale that it took me hours of washing the make up off my face. And I wore a long black dress.

So tonight is a Halloween night. What would be your programme tonight? Hubby would not be in as he has Halloween treat with his fellow colleagues. So I guess I would be staying at home with little gal, see any good Halloween cartoons on tv or not.


pearly said...

hi dear :
I guess you dress up as Mrs ADAM !:)

well I hate this day cos I have been shit myself few time when I open the door and there a scare face :( with those kids asking for sweet |! now I am so scare I will not open the door to anyone and turn off all the light in the home and stay in thne living room only .
today my kids will be out about asking for sweet door to door god know wat there will dress up too !

Hazel said...

look like a fun celebration, we don't celebrate Halloween before

Rose world said...

Pearly, that must be one hell of a scare for you! But it is kinda cute to see all those kids dress up and turn in front of your doorstep saying "treat or trick" right?

Rose world said...

Hazel, it would be fun to have kids dress up for the Halloween. Not so much for adult. :p