Wednesday, October 29, 2008

What are or have we been eating?

Jam and jam everywhere. It was unusual to encounter traffic jam on a mid-week, so it was not what I was expecting in the morning. Stuck in jam on the same road for almost 30 minutes was very frustrating. Thank god manager was on leave today, so we could be slightly late. However this is not an acceptable excuse to be late when manager is not in. As much as I love to reach office earlier by getting out from the house and start my car on usual time, luck was against me this morning. LOL!

Time went by very fast in the morning at work. When hubby sms me for lunch around 12noon, I were not realizing that it was almost lunch time. We have a nice lunch at John’s Place (the row of shop opposite the Tua Pek Kong temple). 2 plates of fried mee hoon, a big bowl of fish head soup and 2 glasses of iced tea cost us RM21.40. It is pretty expensive judging from the coffee shop standard but you would not regret eating at John’s Place. Actually today was my 2nd time there, a colleague introduced to me. The food may be pricey but quality and portion worth the price! Sorry to say that I forgot to take the pictures of the food. Promise the next time we drop by, I would not forget to take some shot of it! *wink*

While having our lunch there, overheard from another table discussing about the contaminated milk powders from China. Then slowly the topic going into contaminated eggs. How unsafe the food now. Imagine what we or our children have consumed all this while. A plain and simple produce such as egg is also contaminated with dangerous chemical. All because of profit and selfish act.

It was another shocking revelation when I received an email in the afternoon about my favourite snack! Pringles also contaminated with some chemical. Oh boy! Chemical that harmful to our body and if consumed much, it will cause kidney problem. So I am definitely not going to eat Pringles for the time being! I am not so sure whether this news was out in newspapers and not so sure of the validity of such news, but it is really depressing to hear all those news about putting chemical into processed food.

I think I will stick to vegetables and fruits more and encourage my family to eat more greens! But vegetables and fruits are not that cheap either. Just the other day, I bought few apples and papayas, they cost me more than RM10! Nothing is cheap anymore! Sigh!


pearly said...

totally agree with you ;0
now a day those health food does cost a boom .... no wonder all kids becos fatty and adult too.
in UK Govm ask ppl to eat health but health food cos so much ppl really can't afford to pay for it for the family ;

Nick Phillips (15/03/1967 - 04/11/2022) said...

That's why I eat at home these days. Much more healthy :D