Thursday, October 2, 2008

Diary of our Raya day

My neighbourhood is very quiet, mostly gone back to "kampung" for Hari Raya celebration. There were some fireworks playing at night but it was not that noisy unlike last year when other neighbours have open house here. Maybe this year, neighbours have decided to celebrate in kampung instead, so my area is pretty deserted now. As in other part of Kuching, everything is the same. The roads leading to Petra Jaya were packed with cars from the south of Kuching going to visit their Malay friends or relatives residing at the northern of Kuching during Hari Raya. This year is no exception as the roads were very jam when we went to Petra Jaya to visit a colleague of hubby who is staying in Sukma area.

We were on the road for almost 1 hour stretching from the bridge of Petra Jaya to Sukma and that did not include the drive in the area to the house. We reached the bridge around 11am and in front of us was a stretch of countless cars. We only managed to be at the road leading the Sukma around 12noon. And hubby was complaining of tired foot for stepping on the accelerator and break for such long duration. Anyway, we only made one visit as when we finished visiting, the roads were still packed with cars.

We reached the colleague’s house around 1230pm. Just when we stepped into the colleague’s house, there came the rain with thunder and lightning. Luckily the rain lasted about 30 minutes. We were served with ketupat cooked with brown rice, curry beef, chicken rending, mixed vegetables and of course cakes and tit bits. I was busy to eat much. Busy chasing down little gal, who “make herself at home” there, dancing, turning and climbing around. *Faint* Is she active or what?

We spent almost an hour at the colleague’s house. We took a detour on the way back as it was jam every where. Luckily the other road going to Pending was otherwise. The only toll in Kuching was at the Tun Salahuddin Bridge going to Pending. There was never a toll in Kuching so Kuching residents have been enjoying the highway in the past. The toll is RM1.50 and the route going back was smoother.

3 of us relaxing on the bed

It was almost 2pm when we reached home and everyone was full and tired. You can guess the rest of the story, right? Yes! We spent our afternoon on bed. When we woke up, it was almost 530pm. After dinner, we watched some DVD, including cartoon for little gal. She will never bored of watching Mickey Mouse cartoons. As for me and hubby after little gal when to bed, we watched “Death Race” starring Jason Stratham and Singaporean movie “Money Not Enough II”. I watched “Money Not Enough II” when I was in KL at The Pavillion. It was a touching story and I did not mind watching it again with hubby last night.


Hazel said...

so boring ya but sometimes relaxing at home is fun also

spymama said...

i love hanging out at home sometimes. looks like your day was fruitful and lots of bonding at home.. niceeee

Nick Phillips (15/03/1967 - 04/11/2022) said...

It's the same here but I'm enjoying the peace in my neighborhood:D

pearly said...

everyway the same during p holiday very road will be jam up i hate travel during holiday time if we need to go to visit derek parent we will go lated nught,

we will be just happy like you guys in bed to enjoy the dvd too:p

Nessa said...

I like the picture. So cute :)

cinnamon_apple said...

Hi Rose, how are you doing? Sorry I have been missing in action for a while...I've been working on that online shop I mentioned about a while ago on Delicious Scent. I finally got it up yesterday. Now I finally have to catch up. I hope you are doing well!!!