Friday, October 10, 2008

Review: My resolution

I know it is just early of October, but you never know that the next time you blink your eyes, it is in December. That is how I feel now. Time passes very fast without me realising it!! I know it is very early but I am taking a step back to review on my activities/events that had happen for 2008. A review on what I have resolved to do and what have actually done or happen for the year. Let me refresh myself. I make a resolution earlier of the year to be a happier and healthier person.

Happier by spending quality time with my family and do the thing I want to do. I am glad hubby and I made a pact to do something with our career, and we did it this year. Job pressures are there, but we have made a choice to change job. We are earning more (and hopefully to save more) now. We have more times during the weekend for our lovely daughter. She is growing fast and we just couldn’t believe that soon she will be going to pre-school.

There was also a plan for Thailand vacation at the end of the year, but from the look of things we have to postpone it to next year. Nevertheless I am glad that I manage to take some time off in middle of the year, catching up with friends and shopping around in KL.

As for health, it does not take a day to transform myself into a healthier person. It takes much effort on my part to work out and eat healthier diet. I have on and off affair with sickness for most part of the year. Flu, sore throat and coughing are common. Actually I am having a sore throat now. Maybe because of new work, I hardly have time to drink water at work. And partly because of the humid weather (yeah, everything blame the weather, right? *wink*). So, I am trying (and still trying) to be healthy!! It is not easy with the current lifestyle and work commitment, but both hubby and I are trying hard. Hardly have times to go to aerobic nowadays.

I haven’t really thought what would be my next year resolution, but I guess I can always stick to the same resolutions. Who said that you have to make new resolution every year, right??

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Constance Chan said...

although some make it a year long resolution, many a times, its hard to stick to it. but short term resolution can be very practical also.