Sunday, October 5, 2008

De-stress your skin

Stress does make your skin break out in pimples and dark spots. Stressed from work and family matters are on rising levels especially for women. De-stress yourself for a better self:

Move around
Stress raises level of adrenalin. Burn it off with a 15-minute walk. Try walking where there is less pollution such as park or up a small hill full of greenery. Walking in the city with polluted air around you will not be as effective

Lighten up
If you feel heavy-hearted, do something light – like listen to music or watch a funny movie

Juice up
Fresh fruit juices perk you up with vitamins plus natural glucose. Try six stalks of celery plus 20 white seedless grapes, a bunch of watercress and ice cubes. Or for quickie, drink Marigold Peel Fresh Apple or Orange Juice. Apple is good for heart and lower cholesterol levels, while orange has loads of Vitamin C to fight depression.

Supplement yourself
A balanced diet is important but with today lifestyle, you are just too busy. Supplement yourself with necessary nutrition. Supplements are great at improve immune system and fight depression

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