Monday, October 13, 2008

I do not look and speak like one

Maybe in this part of the world that people cannot differentiate what race are you? In the past I have been asked whether I am mixed or of other race other than Chinese. I don’t know that I should be flattered or what, but I am 100% pure Chinese blood. I don’t think any of my ancestors in the family tree either from my dad or mum’s side have any mixed blood.

Some more my Chinese is pretty “broken” in the sense that I have an accent to it, according to my friends that know me well. I am not good in Hokkien, and so is Mandarin and there goes for other language like English and BM. Oh boy, when I talked, it is rojak (mixed) of every languages. Even my little gal also rojak like me, verses in Mandarin, Hokkien, BM and English.

Back in school time, I were much close to other races. I do not mix well with Chinese. I guess that was where I learnt my Bahasa Sarawak (local dialect which much like Bahasa Malaysia but some words are different here). You can say I speak Bahasa Sarawak well than any Chinese dialect, and not to mention my own mother tongue.

I only started to speak in Chinese when I went to college since most students are Chinese. Either you talk in English or Chinese. Of course I got chilled for my funny accent but thank god that I have good friends who encouraged and guided me properly. It is still a language to master even now, but who say that learn a language is easy?

I learnt Chinese from hubby and he learnt English from me. He is pretty lousy with spelling and writing, so I am his English dictionary. And whenever I watched Chinese movie with any BM or English subtitles, he will be my translator! LOL!


Dav DiDi said...

Same like me ... :) MY mandarin is also half tong

Zooropa said...

Nvm so long people understand, that's fine I guess.