Sunday, October 5, 2008

Things are not the same as when I was a kid!

I don’t know about you, but when I was small, I loves to eat chocolates (even now I still adore them). Besides chocolates, I loves those potato chips. Mister Potato, Pringles and Cottage are some of my favourite chips. And not forgetting the tasty crunchy noodle, like Mamee with a blue monster with 1 sharp tooth on its package.

They are not the same now. They taste different. Not so original, if you get what I mean. I think during my time the snacks were mostly imported. Now are locally manufactured. I miss those days when I enjoy my snacks and the tastes of them still linger in my head. They do not taste the same, you just find them different.

If you are the 70s and 80s kids, I believe you still can enjoy ice “kantong” (I think the Hokkien took the word from “gantung” in Malay??) in pepsi flavour. It is a big snowflake hold by a stick in between which cost few cents, and you can even add some more pepsi to the ice when you finished sucking the ice. I hardly can find it in Kuching now. There used to be one stall near the road side along Jalan Mendu, but the stall has long gone. The auntie was very nice. She sold ice kacang, snowflakes and ice kantong. Anyone know anyone selling ice kantong??


Sue Sue said...

Hmmmm haven't heard of ice kantong. How does it looks like?

Constance Chan said...

i had those ice that is shaped like a ball but has no stick. but they add lots of syrup on it, mostly sarsi and rose flavoured. we used our hands to hold it and not bothered about our dirty hands then!

Zooropa said...

I don't know ice kantong but I love eating those potato chips as u mentioned. Anyway, I've cut down eating snacks already!


Anonymous said...

i didnt like to eat snacks even when I was a kid...till now...wanna to know what is ice kantong too

Rose world said...

it is made of ice flakes in the shape of cyclinder with a stick in the middle. dont ask me how the ices stick, cos they do stick by themselves! ;p

janice said...

the ice tht they put syrup on it rite ??
yeah .. i love that too... hahaha..

nowadays no more the kinda junkie lor..