Sunday, November 2, 2008

An unduly disturbance on a Sunday morning

I have a habit of switching on my handphone when I woke up every morning (I usually off it when I went to bed the night before). Today, I switched on my handphone at 6.50am. As usual, little gal reluctant to sleep longer than her normal hour, so I have no choice to wake up with her.

As we were tugging lazy on our respective beds, suddenly I heard a noise below me. Someone was banging at our gate. Oh yes, I knew who make that noise but the shocking thing is at such unduly hour?? Never happen before in the past.

Who else but the grass cutter that I have complained to you before. Yes, I guess he must be worry sick that we will not be at home, so he came so early on a Sunday morning just to cut our grass.

Not only that he was banging at our gate, but he was climbing over it into our compound. All those noise from the grass cutter he made. And after done with the cutting, he was banging at our front door demanding for money. I don’t know what you would think but I think that was some harassment on his part. One part he already trespassing our compound, second part he cut the grass without our permission and lastly he demanding for money on services that we did not ask for. Don’t you think that was annoying?


Agnes said...

hmm...can understand your feeling. Even me also dun like ppl to disturb me when i wake up early in the morning.

Zooropa said...

Oh Gosh... he is crazy! After paying money and asked him don't come anymore!!!


Constance Chan said...

that's terrible!

Nick Phillips (15/03/1967 - 04/11/2022) said...

What an idiot. I wouldn;t even bother paying him!