Sunday, October 19, 2008

Endless mumbling

I should have done some ironing (but I hate ironing as you would know by now) or revising for my upcoming examinations since little gal has yet to wake up from her beauty sleep, but I just want a break for all those tasks.

Yesterday I went to Permai with colleagues, it was fun. Everyone enjoying themselves. It was a team building session, where everyone was grouped into 2 teams. There were 30 of us. Each team have to compete 10 challenges in total (climbing up to high pole and walk/crawl to next point, swinging from one bar to another, crawling on the ground and climbing up walls etc). We started our bus trip around 8am and along the way to Permai we encountered long queue as one school having some activities as well. We caught in the jam for about 20 minutes. We reached Permai just after 9am. Yeah, I have to wake up so early on a Saturday. Long time I didnt wake up at such hour to drive to the city! LOL! And guess what? I have dreamt that I missed the bus. And I woke up around 3something in the morning, thinking it is 6am, and only to realise I still can sleep in some more hours. Gosh! Were I excited or anxious? I hardly have a good sleep at all.

We finished the challenges around 12.15pm. After that, we headed to the camp cafe for our bbq lunch. I guess all of us were too hungry, that we ate and finished everything from bbq squid, bbq chicken wings, fried noodle, tom yam soup, bbq lamb and so much more. During the bbq lunch, a colleague was telling us a story of her friend who underwent a surgery to fix her wrist. According to my colleague, that friend’s doctor saying it is due to too much time spend in front of pc. Too much typing and pressing on the keyboard. Do you believe it?

I heard of such story before where people developing pain in fingers and wrists for pressing too hard (much) on the key boards, but first time hearing story where a surgery is needed to rectify the problem. Somehow that colleague’s friend has developing the problem for so long and never bother about the pain. And would you believe it? Now she cant hold heavy thing on her affected hand. Scary right? So guys, I don’t know how true it is but how to prevent from not typing on keyboards?

It applies the same to handphone I believe. There was a time when I was SMS too much that I can feel "sourness" on my fingers, especially my thumbs for pressing too much on my phone. Life is about keyboard and notepad in this modern world, so I really don’t know how to prevent from that finger/wrist problem. Moderation may be the answer to that problem.

My legs and thighs are painful now and I have bruises on my arm. From yesterday exercises in Permai. When I reached home around 3pm yesterday, I hardly can walk up the stair to my bedroom. LOL! Talking about clueless mumbling from me. I mustn’t be typing too much myself. LOL! Got to get down to some chores before calling it a night. Tomorrow is another Monday. It is going to be a busy day, I am anticipating it. Have a wonderful week ahead, everyone.


Hazel said...

oh, u do have a nice weekend..

Constance Chan said...

i had a bad strained muscle in my wrists from too much pc...hahahah

Mimi Lenox said...

This week we are memeing the movement to get it rolling along for November 6th.
You've been tagged by the Queen of Memes!
The Peace Meme

pearly said...

hi dear :
how are you getting on ?
I hate Ironing too just like you, wish I can get someone to do this job for me ...:( too bad can't find anyone would like this job LP

Zooropa said...

Hope your legs getting better. Anyway, those team building activities sound exciting huh!