Thursday, July 29, 2021


There was one stall in this coffee shop that I had wanted to try for quite sometime but never get to till early this month. 

It was a Sunday and hubby, Jan and I went out leaving the boys at home. SOP was relaxed now with dine-in allowed and most businesses are open now. Jan wanted to get some parts for her RBT (reka bentuk & teknologi) subject project so we went to DIY. After that, we headed to this coffee shop to tapau before went home. 

Curry mixed rice. Looking at the menu, they also serve lo bak rice.  But I wanted to try its curry mixed rice, see if it was any good. 

The stall operator operated 3 stalls, namely economy rice, roasted meat and traditional curry rice. 

So, one Sunday morning, we dropped by the coffee shop, and bought takeaway for lunch. A very meaty lunch. 

Hubby had its lo bak rice while I stuck to my decision of tasting the curry mixed rice. RM7 each. 

I did not pour all curry gravy onto my rice as I shared it with my man. I much prefer fried egg instead of the stewed egg as traditional curry mixed rice (in my mind) supposed to have that. Anyway, this curry mixed rice was alright. The rice was soft and fluffy, meat was nice but char siew and braised pork were rather tough. 

Roasted chicken rice (RM6) for the kids. Their lunch was nicer with fragrant oil rice and tasty roasted chicken. 


Angie's Recipes said...

Delicious! I love meat and can't imagine my life without it.

suituapui said...

Hainanese curry rice! I don't think we have that here. Sibu, Foochow town! I would love to try if I see any!

mun said...

Looks good. A lot of meat for RM7 so good value for money! 👍 Ah, you didn't banjir your rice with curry gravy. I also am like you, I prefer the meat to be on the soft side.

Libby said...

Like you, I am interested to try the curry mixed rice too.

PH said...

Meaty and good! I prefer stewed eggs with this type of food.

Nancy Chan said...

I would love to try the curry mixed rice too and I too prefer stewed eggs than fried. Price reasonable for so much meat.

Twilight Man said...

Wow! The meat looked good and very reasonable priced. Value for money! Here is very expensive for that portion.