Saturday, July 31, 2021

Mum's way

Growing up, I love having my mum's salted chicken. It was flavourful, salty and went so well with white rice or even porridge. It has been ages since I had it, so one weekend, I decided to try cooking it at home. Following my mum's way of cooking salted chicken. 

This is a very simple Hakka salted chicken, as it only need very few ingredients.  Chicken, coarse salt, ginger and white pepper. And all you need is a wok and spatula.  


2 chicken thinghs, cleaned

Coarse salt

Sea salt

Grated ginger, about 1 tsp

White pepper


1. Rub sea salt, ginger and white pepper all over the thighs for an hour or so.

2. In a wok under low heat, add in the coarse salt once it is hot and fry the salt till it turns slightly brown. Place the chicken thighs on top of the salt.  Cover the chicken thighs with the coarse salt.

3. You can cover lid on the wok or leave it.  Turn the chicken twice along the cooking time. There will be some crackling sounds as the result of the salt drying up.

4. Cook for about 20 minutes or till chicken is cooked. Dish out the chicken from the salt. Discard the dirty coarse salt once it has cooled down.  Chop the chicken thighs into pieces once they have cool down. Serve warm.

Our simple Sunday dinner of Hakka salted chicken, braised pork trotter, and stir fried bok choy. Recipe of pork trotter which is also inspired by my mum, is here. Enjoy cooking and eating!


PH said...

How interesting! I have always wondered how salted chicken is cooked. Maybe can try this.

suituapui said...

Mum's way is always the best! I saw them cooking fish on TV, looks similar.

Angie's Recipes said...

Mum's recipe is always the best. I only tried salted duck before...chicken thighs prepared this way must be very juicy, tender and yum.

Libby said...

I was just drooling at my old post of hakka baked salted chicken that i had at deja brew cafe, here you are cooking it, makes me drool even more. Your hakka salted chicken must be very flavourful, tender and tasty with a saltish taste which is just nice. Slurps.

I heard it is very tedious to make hakka salted chicken, kudos to your efforts.

mun said...

This salted chicken must be very flavourful and tasty! Yum yummy!

Twilight Man said...

I have eaten salted chicken few times and they were good & crispy. However, they don't sell in restaurants around my place.

Hi! I am LiLi! said...

I haven't tried salted chicken, but that sounds so good with extra cup of steamed rice. :D