Friday, November 6, 2020

Couldn't have enough

Hubby in particular just couldn't have enough of this handmade noodle from this coffee shop in MJC.

For instance last week we had the noodle thrice. Twice we brought along my mum-in-law and once just the two of us.

We quite enjoyed the handmade noodle from one of the stalls here.

Other than the handmade noodle, we also liked the Sarawak laksa. I bought it for my mil to taste once. She wasn't fond of Sarawak laksa so she tasted the broth only while I took it for lunch that day. 

On our last visit last Saturday, after we had our handmade noodle for breakfast, the Malay stall was opened. So we bought some kuih and nasi lemak home. 

Pulut panggang, no filling. Hubby had them with kaya!! 

The best curry puff we had so far. Big and puffy. Generous of curry potato filling as well, which we enjoyed so much. 

One pack of nasi lemak for me that afternoon. RM2 per pack. 

It was good. They gave few salted fishes, which I like. Hubby sometime requested for 1 whole hard-boiled egg instead of half portion, which cost extra 50cents. He just could't get enough of the nasi lemak that he brought it few times to office. 


  1. Yes, the laksa does not look so appealing. I'd stick to the kolo mee. The nasi lemak looks good!

  2. the nasi lemak is so tempting...I prefer more sambal to go with the rice! yummy!

  3. I love to eat Sarawak Laksa. A good one is not easy to find in Kuala Lumpur area.

  4. I like the kolo mee, pulut panggang, curry puffs and nasi lemak.

  5. Long time I didn't get to eat Sarawak laksa. I would eat a bit of all the food in your this post.

  6. I will never get tired of eating curry puffs. Yums!