Friday, July 23, 2021

When they open

When most businesses are allowed to open under current Phase 2 of National Recovery Plan last week, the first thing that came to our mind was to visit some of the shops.

No, not dine-in for us although it has been allowed last Friday in Sarawak. There was mixed reaction from us when it comes to dine-in as cases are still not going down drasticly. For time being, we prefer takeaway and food delivery than dine-in in eateries. 

One of the shops that we wanted to visit was hair salon. The boys (including the daddy) were in need of a good hair cut. It has been almost 2 months since their last cut so we had an overdue visit to our hair dresser last Saturday morning.

Another shop was electrical shop. My current fridge (10 years old) has some problem since April and we were not able to go to electrical shop as it was non-essential business that wasn't allowed to open till now.

Even after repair and services in March, the fridge wasn't working so well sometime. One day, it was very cold, ice was frozen but other day, the ice would melt. Since I have a deep freezer, I keep all my frozen stuff in there. So after much talk with hubby, we decided to get a new fridge this week.

New black steel fridge next to our old one

How about you? What was the first place you went to when we entered the new phase? 

A vintage shop's front display


suituapui said...

So far I have only been to the car accessories chop to change the batteries in my car's remote control. Otherwise, I could not lock my car be it in the house or when I park anywhere outside. Those shops were classified as non-essential, not open under Phase 1, unlike car workshops and spare parts shops.

Nux V said...

i will go to the saloon to get my has been 4 months since my last haircut...and it needs a good trim!

Reanaclaire said...

I still haven't go out as yet since my vaccination... next week another jab.. so I guess I will be home for quite a long while.

PH said...

I still haven't gone out yet except for vaccination and weekend grocery shopping.

Libby said...

SG enters HA phase 2 as there were over 100 cases from the Jurong fishery port and KTV clusters, so no dine in is allowed, however retail shops and shopping malls are still opened.

What brand is your new fridge?

Rose world said...

Same as the old one. Samsung.

mun said...

We can still buy electrical goods via Lazada and shopee during the fmco so I bought a new washing machine online and it was delivered to my house very fast, within a few days only. I cut my own hair so I don't need to go to hair salon. I think I will do the same as fmco when phase 2 which is stay home, order delivery and sometimes only go out buy takeaway food from my regular shops that have good ventilation.

Nancy Chan said...

After my 2nd vaccine dose, I will need to visit my hair dresser to get a badly needed hair cut. Next will be to get a pair of new eye glasses but this one will wait till the situation improves first because this is not urgent.