Friday, November 14, 2008

The Power Blog

I got this Power blog award from Dora. Thank you very much. I wish I can be like those cute power puff girls, have special powers and save the day in the end! LOL! If I have any special power and can save the day, I would love to save the current economic turmoil we are going through and stop the suffering of people (those crying no tears in investment and especially the poor who are even poorer now).

Be frank, I need some superior brain power now. Tomorrow I would be sitting for my Unit Trust examination and I hope I will pass it!! And tell you the truth, I seldom watch the power puff girls cartoon, but I remember their names, i.e.Buttercup, Bubble and Blossom. Recently Mixfm has a question on the name of those 3 girls in their morning's show "Are you smarter than a 12 years old?". That is how I can remember their names. LOL

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