Sunday, November 30, 2008

Blow My 1st candle

On this day last year I have started my own blog space, Rose’s World! I have been actively following some of the food and mother blogs around for almost a year before deciding to have one. I have never thought I would have gone this far. My excitement and enthusiasm have never burned out for the past one year although I did encounter some obstacles along the way. I have to thank my fellow blogger friends for been supporting me all this while! It is truly an awesome year for me as I meet many new friends along the way and share many experiences with me. They are truly an inspiration to my blog!

One year ago when I decided to start a blog, my first question popped into my mind would be “what should I be blogging about?” Food? I am not the adventurous type and wouldn’t want to bore my readers with my boring cooking and food adventures. I wouldn’t want to compete with those faboulous food blog friends either. My life? Nothing interesting about that either! LOL! So, in the end, I decided to have a bit of this and that, and mix it into one!! So, Rose’s World was born on this day in 2007!

Now I simply infatuated with blogging. My perception on blog has changed over the year too. Initially I planned to use this blog as an online diary for my reading pleasure when I grow older and for my children to know my life experiences and adventures. About a month later I started up another blog, solely dedicated to my family only, and Rose’ World would be more of my personal blog on my daily experiences at work, outside from home, personal opinions and food adventures.

Through blog, I have learnt many things from other bloggers; able to share what they have experienced and encountered, and get to know more people with different cultures from other countries. There is never a day when I was bored visiting your homes as the time visiting you guys is always amazing and full of surprises. Now blogging world is like a place where you share experiences and meet new friends from other parts of the world.

I know I would not be able to experience all those wonderful feelings if I didn’t start blogging. By staying in Kuching without traveling around the world, how I am going to meet a friend from US and get change to view all those beautiful season photographs? And what more, blogging is FREE of charge!! Isnt that awesome?? Not only that, I have the opportunity to earn some decent money (although not very huge sum) from blogging. How more interesting can blogging be?? So, my advice to some fellows out there that plans to start a blog, just get down registering one straight away! Don’t hold back as you will never know what you have missed.

Some may think that blog is a nuisance, waste of time and energy, only those with nothing to do or too much free times would write a blog! It is not totally true. A blog brings people with same interests together. A blog is neither good nor bad, it is how you think of it. Good or bad is up to your perception. Your blog is your own space where you can decide on what to write and what to be shared in it. Even Malaysian ministers are blogging now. Whether you like it or not, blog is becoming a part of our life in this big world; it acts as a communication and advertising media.

There may be some day when my mind is totally blank and cant think of what to put in my blog, but come other days when a lot of ideas rushing in that I can post 3 – 4 posts in a day! LOL! I hope I didn’t bore my fellow readers and friends with some nonsense and long winded topics in the past. *wink*

I would like to take this golden opportunity to thank all my blogger friends (some of you have been loyal and visit my blog almost everyday. You know who you are) for your kind comments. Without you guys’ comments, this blog would be a quiet space indeed. Without you guy’s continuous support, I wouldn’t have gone this far and becoming a part of bloggers family. And please continue to support me ok? *laugh* A big kiss from me! MUAK! Thank you and I love you guys.

How would I celebrate my 1st anniversary as a blogger? Hmm, maybe buy myself a small cake with a candle. Blow my own candle. Huuuu! Happy blogging, my friends. Here, I leave you with a quote from one of greatest writers, William Shakespeare that goes like this:

But if the while I think on thee, dear friend, All losses are restored and sorrows end.~William Shakespeare


Nessa said...

Happy anniversary Rose' World! Before you know it, it'll be your 2nd... time flies when you're having fun ya :)

Dav DiDi said...

Wahh .. your blog celebrating bday ? Hhmm, I didn't know when my blog bday is ...

Hazel said...

Happy Birthday to Rose World!

Gallivanter said...

Happy 1 year b'day! :-)


Constance Chan said...

Congratulations on your first anniversary!!

2crazydogs said...

Happy 1st anniversary Rose's World!

Time flies when you are having fun.

Irene aka Sweet Surrender said...

WEEEEE! Happy 1st Birthday!