Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Bloody sweet

I have just taking a nice cold shower after finished cleaning up the room. Phew! It is damn hot in the house. Don’t know I should thank the sun or what, but one part I got my laundry all dried up and one part, I am panting with sweat clearing and cleaning the room. Mind you, I just clean up only 1 part of the house and I am complaining it is a hard job!! Lol! Think I cannot be a full-time housewife!

Must be all those boxes and books on the book shelf and little gal’s toys and items on the basket, I have been attacked by mosquito while cleaning up the room. I have a sensitive skin especially when it comes to mosquito. I can stand dust, I don’t have a sensitive nose, but when come to mosquito, I cannot stand its bite.

Now I got a bite on my thigh and one on my right jaw. So I am smell of Axe Brand Oil (Minyak Cap Kapak) after my shower. LOL! Since young, I have been using Axe oil when I got itch or any insect bites. It works on me. I know some people hate its smell and will never used it. Anyone hate Axe Brand Oil? What other ointment do you used for such case??
It is very frustrating when my little gal got some red marks on her legs, hands and face. Mosquito bite what else! Mosquito loves to bite her and even I used the repellants and get rid of them, they never stop disturbing my gal. Young children's skins are more tender and would not heal fast when they have bruises or bite.

If she got any bite, I will usually apply some green ointment on her bite mark. I don't used Axe Oil as she thinks it is "hot". Sorry dont know what that green ointment called, in Chinese writing. Usually it takes about 5 to 7 days for the marks to disappear. During my confinement more than 2 years ago, the confinement lady then told us to buy some Chinese herb and pig’s intestine and boiled them together for my little gal’s bath! And of course my in-laws objected to such suggestion, thinking pig’s intestine is dirty and would not do any good cause. I don’t know how true it is, never heard of such remedy. The confinement lady told me that by bathing babies using such items will help prevent mosquito from biting the babies and even if it does bite, marks will heal faster. Thinking of intestine, I go "yuk". Not to mention bathing in the water soaked with it! Double "yuk"!


pearly said...

I don't believe it hahah use pig intestine , I don't see logic on this ,in UK we have this call *insert bite* in a tub when u got bite apply immediately it will stop the itch , I have it all the time never go back to malaysia without this and my kids will scream the place down there really hate Mosquito bite.
how are u by the way love to you and kiss for you bb girlxxx

Dav DiDi said...

Hhhmmm .. I also have problem with mosquitoes.. each time I clean the garden, I can only tahan for 30 minutes , or the most 45 mins. after that, I need to take bath .. because of the bites ... and cold water bath can soothe the bites..

Nessa said...

Pig's intestine? I've never heard of it either!

This reminds me of a show (national geographic) where this tribe in Africa 'reads' a person's future by looking at a goat's intestine! Thank goodness we live in Malaysia.

Nick Phillips (15/03/1967 - 04/11/2022) said...

Pig' intestines? I think I'll stick with the minyak cap kapak! LOL!

JenJen's Place said...

I hate the smell of minyak chap kapak:P I remember once I was in one of airasia plane and some1 had that on and I feel like fainting the entire trip. I still prefer zambuk! :P Err...but if compared to taking bath with pig intestine and using minyak chap kapak, i think i rather stratch myself silly first...hehe

2crazydogs said...

I don't like the smell of minyak chap kapak but I love the smell of Kwan Loong minyak angin. And i still use it here when I get skeeter bites. My hubs says the smell of old lady!!

spymama said...

i use Kwan Loong all the time...hehehe. when i was younger, i always think old people used them. but lately, i seemed to use it alot as the smell kinda brings comfort to me. when i feel unwell, or just before i sleep, i love to take a whiff of it. maybe i long for old times sake or maybe i am getting old too! and funny, my girls now associates this smell to mummy...hahaha