Thursday, November 13, 2008

Hope we choose the right one

We have finally enrolled little gal in a pre-school near to her baby sitter’s house. Reasoning is very simple. Distance of the pre-school to baby sitter’s house. We brought little gal over this morning to have a look at the pre-school. They even have a swimming pool in the compound.

It would be half day session for little gal, so her baby sitter will be able to pick her up and look after her for the rest of the afternoon. The school starts from 8.30am to 11.30am. Guess it is a reasonable arrangement as we have no plan of letting her be at the pre-school the whole day. At least I am relieved knowing she is taken care by someone she can relies on and would not be at the pre-school the whole day.

Not that I have anything prejudice about putting her whole day in pre-school, but I think my gal is still young and would not be that independent to look after herself. Going to school would be new experience to her, so I wouldn’t want to put her in a stressful situation. She would not be in one place the whole day, yet have the pleasure of meeting new friends and learn new things in pre-school and can rest and relax in her baby sitter’s house while waiting for us to pick her up after work.

The pre-school is less than 5 minutes drive from baby sitter’s house, so it is convenient for her to pick little gal up. We have a tour around the school, brought her to see the younger age class. When those children saw little gal, everyone rushing to greet and touch her, much to little gal's surprise. She ran away from them! Lol! We also manage to view the children singing "Negaraku" anthem and some children songs at the assembly hall. And guess what little gal like the best? The playland where there is a slide there. LOL~

It is a norm to register your children earlier for next year’s school calendar. School starts on 5 January 2009. If you did not register your children earlier (some even require 6 months and more to ensure entry), especially in the reputable pre-schools, children would not stand chance for a spot in that school. The pre-school that we enrolled in only open for weekday. No schooling on Saturday, unless for special classes where separate fees will be levied on.

The registration part is done this morning. RM1127 in total for 1st semester. The fee includes text book, insurance, kit, uniforms, gymwear etc. As she is at the younger class, she will have her own teacher to guide her in reading, so we also paying RM44.00 for a reader fee. Wow! Now the other worried part would be little gal’s first day. Wonder what would be her reaction on the first day, and not to mention her parent’s emotion on sending their little girl to school!!? The school even have holiday camp where children can register earlier before the semester starts to familiarise with the environment and lots of activities like play time, baking and singing will be introduce during the holiday camp which last for 4 weeks from next week till December. We are still thinking whether to enrol her in the camp or not. If yes, I would need to take leave to accompany her on her first day.

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