Monday, November 3, 2008

Another week

I was busy preparing reports in the office, hardly have time to take a deep breath. The next minute, boss is calling me to her office, asking me about my weekly performance. I was speechless as wonder how to tell her that I am going to fail this week!

And the next minute I know, I woke up from my bad dream. Oh dear. I am dreaming. And worst, I am dreaming I were at work, pushing hard for my target. Last week was the start of my weekly target and I have to say I just manage to pass. Not with flying colours, but just pass. I am dreading to go to work this morning, because I knew I have failed this week. And not only me, my other colleagues too. Economic is really hitting hard on us. And everyone complaining of lack of sales and customers are reluctant to take money out from their pocket to invest with us. Oh dear, wonder how all of us are going to go through this week…………… sigh!!
I have been in the new company for 2 months. Everything is different compared to previous company, the system, procedures and office rules etc. Everything is not the same. Just a short 2 months, but I have been through so many e-learning, meetings and product training.

On the bright side, November is here again and without you knowing it, Christmas and New Year are around the corner. Yes! It means it is festive and shopping time. Some shops already in Christmas mood with some Christmas tree and decorations put up. Wow! Time really is passing away fast.

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