Saturday, May 27, 2023

Smoked duck claypot yee mee

My man went to KL last weekend to meet up with his buddy and attended Wu Bai 伍佰's concert in Genting. Yes, he sure enjoying his life at the moment. 

He flew on Friday morning and back on Sunday evening. So, I had to think of breakfast for me, my mil and kids for the weekend. For Saturday, I went to tapau kolo mee and have breakfast at home. Then Sunday, my mil was up early so together with her, we went to Premier Food Republic, Pines Square for breakfast. 

My mil had kolo mee and I bought 2 packs for the boys. As for yours truly, I decided to have this smoked duck claypot yee mee eventhough it was warm to have such warm meal. But who cares?? I just got to taste it. 

RM10 for my claypot. The attraction was the sliced smoked duck. Kind of missing the smoked duck that I tasted in the past. 3 slices in the claypot with few fish balls and crab stick beside the green. 

For Jan, I bought this RM8 champion breakfast which she usually have. She was already wake up that day but too lazy to follow us out for breakfast. So she requested this breakfast when I told her we were going to this food court.

My mil also bought 3 packs of salad chicken rice for the kids' lunch, so we didn't need to cook. But for Jamie, he disliked salad sauce so no mayo for him. 

RM7 each for the salad chicken rice. This salad chicken rice stall which was behind the kolo mee stall, serves other variety of chicken rice as well. 

Any good?? No, the rice was not flavourful and the fried chicken didn't have any taste at all, other than the mayo sauce on it. Meat was dry so not that nice to take. Definitely not going to order again. 

After our breakfast, we went home, hid away from the heat!! 


Angie's Recipes said...

Sorry to know that you didn't enjoy the food..I don't think I have ever had smoked duck...would love to try though!

suituapui said...

You are so good, so sporting. If I fly KL to watch a concert, I can imagine my missus' face as long as what...for a long long time. If I bring her along, of course lah...will smile from ear to ear!

Nancy Chan said...

I like smoked duck and I only had smoked duck in noodle once only.

mun said...

I agree with STP as I would definitely go along or else I would not be happy. I love your claypot duck meal as I can feel from the photo that it is so very tasty. Yums! Yummy! 😋

PH said...

Very delicious food. I miss smoked duck!