Monday, November 7, 2022

Checked out

With my partners-in-crime (my 2 older kids, of course) who did not have schools on 3 November (All Soul's Day), we were on our foodie adventure and checked out new eateries in Batu Kawa.

This Pine Square is latest commercial development in Batu Kawa and some shop lots have been occupied and opened for business. Other than supermarket (UNACO), convenience stores, offices, we could find a few selection of eateries from cafe to food courts in the area. 

Premier Food Republic is one of the establishment and so far we had only been to this food court.  

Man Xiang Lou Food court (above) is another food court around the vicinity. Somehow the outlook and food varieties of Premier Food Republic was more appealing to us.

Other cuisine restaurants such as Little Sushi (above) and Korean Pelicana Chicken also opened for business in recent months.

And I also spotted this Klang bak kut the shop on my recent visit. Another day for this when I feel like having Klang bkt. 

As of last week, together with Jan and Jay, we went to this Little Sushi Japanese Restaurant, two blocks from the Premier Food Republic.  Of course my Japanese food lovers were the one decided what to have for lunch that day, so that was the reason that we went and checked out this new restaurant. 

Opened only in September this year, the ambiance of this restaurant was simple and bright; nothing extravagant. They have bar/counter seating as well as normal seating and private rooms. 

Once we were seated, we were served with wasabi.

They do have printed menu but they prefer customers to scan and order on their website.  So that was what we did. The kids ordered what they want for lunch and then I did mine. 

Unagi jyu was always in my girl's to order list, so she had that. The portion was just nice for her.

As for the noodle lover, Jan requested for chicken ramen. The broth was rather nice. He finished his ramen without our help.

As for me, I didn't order any main dish, just this saba shioyaki (grilled Saba). It was well seasoned, so I didn't use much of the soy sauce and wasabi for it. The kids helped themselves to some of the Saba.

Another side dish for us to share was this tori katsu maki. This maki won our praises as it was tasty and good. We couldn't have enough of it!!

Teriyaki chicken ryu for takeaway; this was Jamie's lunch after school. He finished the rice with some of the meat, while I helped him to finish off the teriyaki chicken at home. 

Overall, a delightful lunch we had. Planning to come back to try out other dishes on the menu. Maybe on hubby's birthday which is right around the weekend.


  1. I miss having Japanese food. I usually love the maki and sashimi. Of course of there is bento, that is what I would want too. Glad you had a very outing with your partners in crime. LOL!

  2. That is so cheap! Everytime we drop by a Japanese place here, the bill will always be more than RM100, just some sushi from the carousel...and our individual orders.

  3. Very yummy treat for yourself, Jay and Jan. I like eating the items you all ordered.

  4. i like Japanese food, so i guess i will like all these too, especially the ramen!

  5. A good opportunity to have a day out with the older kids. Looks like a great lunch.