Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Wang Wang

There was this newly opened coffee shop in MJC.  It used to be another coffee shop in the past but we have never been there. 
We passed by this coffee shop one Sunday, saw its banner promoting kueh chap in front, so we decided to stop by. Wang Wang Cafe looked clean and tidy with quite a selection of stalls from kolo mee, fast food, sandwich, vegetarian to kueh chap. 

Hubby wanted to try the kueh chap so he ordered his usual, cheng kueh chap. Cheng here means everything in a bowl but no kueh. To my surprise, they even had chicken feet in the kueh chap. 

Cheng kueh chap RM13

Our verdict?? Pretty good. Hubby enjoyed it very much. He was overjoy to find a nice and decent kueh chap stall around the neighbourhood!!

Sarawak laksa (small) RM8

I had a taste of the Sarawak laksa. Small portion for me as I also ordered roti kahwin from the sandwich stall, which was next to laksa stall that managed by a same person.  Sarawak laksa was alright, but too little gravy. The gravy more creamier and more like curry. 

Roti kahwin RM1.50

Her roti kahwin was good. Loved it. And hubby ordered ham egg sandwich from her after looking at my toast. And that was how the ham egg sandwich turned out to be!! 
Ham egg sandwich RM6

That a hearty breakfast to have. She used baguette for her sandwich which we liked. Hubby only ate half of the sandwich. The remaining we brought home and Jan took the other half, which she commented that it was nice. On the other hand, the kolo mee was not. Rather dry, the kids didn't enjoy it much. 
Kolo mee

The drinks were nice though. Hubby and I always particular on tea served in coffee shops. This shop served good tea, so that was an added value to us. We have found a nice breakfast place which is near to our home. 


suituapui said...

I love the kuih in the kuih chap. I guess it is the same at every coffeeshop, not all good. Must know where to go.

Angie's Recipes said...

I miss chicken claws! The eggs look great too.

mun said...

Wah, how nice to have a shop that sells tasty food near your house. The kway chap sure looks good with the egg and chicken feet in it. Long time I didn't eat Sarawak laksa. I am ok with less soup.

Diana Diane Teo said...

Will share this with my family as they are staying in MJC. The ham egg sandwich is so cheap.

Nancy Chan said...

So this new coffee shop will be the one to go to whenever your hubby wants to enjoy a good kueh chap. Portion is big for the ham egg sandwich.

Nux V said...

very unusual to see chicken feet in kueh chap.

akterja said...

i love your blog