Wednesday, March 1, 2023

It was over

Chinese New Year celebration was over with Chap Goh Mei on 5 February.  My mil insisted on cooking that evening instead of going out for dinner. 

Fortunately not all needed to be cooked, as we bought some dishes in the morning. 

The one that we needed to cook was this ginseng salted mustard chicken soup. My mil never tasted such soup, so I made this tasty, appetizing chicken soup for her to try. 

We cooked half of the big prawns that we bought in the morning. Steamed with lots of garlic and egg. 

We also bought this pre-packed jelly fish from the wet market. This pack cost around RM15, it was hubby's favourite. 

There was some Kuching sio bee (siu mai) in the freezer, we took some to steam and have for Chap Goh Mei dinner. 

We also bought 3 pieces of ngoh hiang from wet market. RM7 per piece. We ate the ngoh hiang with this lettuce. I took few leaves from the lettuce and remaining, I stir fried with garlic.

How we ate the ngoh hiang?? Just wrap it with the lettuce and pop into your mouth. 

Learn this eating way from my dad. 

After we were done with our dinner, we played firecracker to end the Chinese New Year celebration. And then it started to rain so we waited till around 7pm to bring the kids out for some fireworks fun before calling it a night.

A cousin of hubby from Sibu passed this biscuit to my mil who loves this snack. Crushed peanut coated rice cracker. And we managed to finish it off that evening with the help of our niece!! 


mun said...

The rice crackers can eat all in one sitting! Nice dinner! Ya, no need to go out to eat if don't mind preparing the dishes. I like to eat raw sang choy too. Used to wrap ngaku during CNY time.

Angie's Recipes said...

What a feast! I love those jumbo prawns!

Agnes CF Lee said...

We had a gathering at my house on chap goh mei too, we got to prepare the food and all the night before eventhough it's a pot luck dinner. your Mustard soup is something new to me.

suituapui said...

Of course can't beat one's own home cooking but it is more convenient to go and eat outside and be done with it, minus all the preparation, all the work and the cleaning up. Reunion Dinner on the Eve, no choice as most restaurants close by noon.

PH said...

So nice that your MIL wanted to cook. I am sure home cooked and eating at home is more enjoyable than eating out.

Nux V said...

wow...such a feast! the dishes look delicious, my fav would be ngor hiang and sio bee. I like fresh prawns too!