Sunday, March 19, 2023

One month

The one-month school holiday is coming to an end when they are going back to schools tomorrow. 

No, we didn't do or go anywhere special this holiday. The kids are busy with their stuff. Boys with their respective tuitions, Jan with occasional online classes and her piano practice. She is going to sit for her Grade 8 piano practical this June, so only few more months to go. 

However, Jay was doing something out of ordinary this school holiday. He was doing part time in my dad's shop. My dad is running a car spare parts shop so I asked whether he would mind having Jay around, which he didn't. So Jay went to his shop on every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday to do and learn something, and same time earn some pocket money. He was willing to go and no complaint from him. The reason was because he is rather introvert and spending most his time idling, watching videos and playing phone at home, so we thought of getting him out and see how things are done in my dad's shop. 

Anyway he was happy to earn some pocket money and also been fed well. Somehow I feel he has slightly put on weight over this holiday. Lol. 

As for the others, I did tried to get them out so they didn't feel bored at home. Followed me with errands, and in the evening if the weather was good, they had a walk around the neighbourhood. 

Earlier this month, I brought these two to Malaysia-China Friendship Park for a stroll. It was after few days of rain and the sky has finally cleared up. How happy were we to go for a quick stroll and some fresh air. 

It was Jamie's first visit to this park. Can't blame us as it was pretty far from our place. When we stayed in BDC back then, I used to bring Jan and Jay for evening walk. Reason for bringing Jamie here was because he has never been to. Another reason, it was convenient to pick Jay up from my dad's shop after that. And Jamie seemed to enjoy the park, especially seeing the fishes in the pond. 

On another day, I brought three of them to this Batu Kawah Riverfront. Newly done but not fully completed. We explored the place and the boys had some playing time at the playground.

Will definitely visit again since it is around 15 minutes drive from our place.


Nancy Chan said...

Doing part time job in your dad's shop will be good for your boy. Your dad will take good care of him.

suituapui said...

Always good to learn a skill. Bet you dad must be so glad to have someone learn his business - can take over anytime!

Angie's Recipes said...

Jay is such a handsome boy! Maybe he will develop the love for car biz for the future. I surely would love to take a walk in that park!

mun said...

What a brilliant idea for Jay to help out in your father's shop. Good that you spend quality time with Jan and Jamie too in some outings.

PH said...

Now that the school holiday is over, traffic is very heavy again.

Rajani Rehana said...

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