Saturday, March 25, 2023

Flood and I Love Yoo!


Photo credit to my brother. Taken after rain has ceased at Jalan Batu Lintang traffic light

Kuching was hit by flash flood last Saturday. The rain started in the morning and just so suddenly it turned into a thunderstorm and soon, most parts were submerged in water.  
3rd mile Underpass turned into a river!

The flood caught everyone by surprise I think. The famous 3rd Mile Underpass with rising water turned it instantly into a river. 2 cars spotted submerged in water. 
Jalan Green when we were on the way to school

If not because that Jan needed to go to her school to collect her Form 5 textbooks (SPM finished on that Monday and ex-Form 5 students returning books the next day), we wouldn't be witnessing the chaos and caught in the jam.  

We dropped her off at school and then headed home to pass the boys their breakfast. That time the rain wasn't heavy, and the route was alright. It was around 730am. And when it was about time to pick her up at 9am, the rain suddenly poured so heavy that we hardly could drive and see anything in front of us. Visibility was really poor. We used hubby's 4WD to pick her. By then, the traffic was getting heavy as some cars stuck, or unable or reluctant to pass through. More cars pulled at the roadside, and some did illegal driving (U-turn and reversing) to avoid the water. We managed to pick her up after all the manoeuvre, and since everywhere was jammed and chaotic, we decided to stop by Aeon Mall. Just to get away from the traffic and flood for the time being. I think other cars also did the same, because soon the Aeon car park was packed!! Everyone seemed to find a breather in the carpark!!

We waited for 10 am when the mall was opened and we went to this snack outlet for brunch. I Love Yoo!!

It has been a while since we last tasted its yue tiaw. We used to buy from the Boulevard Mall outlet but it has since closed down.  

Now mostly selling yue tiaw, unlike we remember it sold other snacks as well. Only one staff working at this outlet so it took sometime for our order to come. 

Freshly made yue tiaw by the staff. We waited for him to do and fry the snack before serving us and few other customers. 

The yue tiaw after they were done!!! Now I can't wait to enjoy them. Lol. 

Hubby's set RM10.90 of dry scallop porridge and 1 yue tiaw and 1 fresh soya milk. The porridge not to our liking. Felt like baby food. Lol. 

Jan and I went for 2 sets of RM7 (1 fresh soya milk and 1 yue tiaw). 

We also bought 2 sets of similar order for the boys. Total bill was around RM34. 

After we were done with our brunch, we braving the road again. The rain has stopped, only drizzle but the jam was still on-going. We used 3rd Mile roundabout to go home as we were worried on the flood at Stapok area. Anyway, we reached home safely regardless of the jam and chaotic moment in 3rd Mile area. And the rain did ceased around noon time. Thank God for that!!


suituapui said...

Ooooo...Flood! How exciting!
I've been to the "new" I love yoo" here once only, beside HongKong Bank. Difficult to find par4king, very congested area.

Angie's Recipes said...

Hope the flood didn't cause much damage there. I miss you yue tiaw :-)

mun said...

Lucky that you all were not caught in the flood. Must be a terrible experience for the owners of those cars submerged in flood water.

Nancy Chan said...

Sudden heavy downpour will cause flash floods. Glad you were not caught in one.

Skwermy said...

I am surprised you guys were able to make it to Aeon. My parents live right there and they had water coming into their house. Very glad to hear you guys got home safe and had a good warm meal in your belly before that

PH said...

Flood can be scary, I remember a trip back to Terengganu by road after my SPM exam. The water was rising as we drove and luckily we reached our destination safely.

Nux V said...

flood is getting common these days whenever it rains. But lately the weather has been so hot, i m hoping for some rain.

Agnes CF Lee said...

We wish for rain's been very hot lately, rain like sprinkle of water only..