Monday, March 13, 2023

Ginseng and salted mustard chicken soup

This is one chicken soup that I enjoyed growing up as my mum cooked it pretty often. Ginseng with salted mustard chicken soup. It was very appetizing and flavourful, just go so well with rice or simply having it to warm your body.

The salted mustard off set the ginseng taste as some may not like the ginseng bitterness. In the past, I just added salted mustard and ginseng with the chicken parts in my soup. No salt needed. 

On my recent cooking on Chap Goh Mei, I added few mushrooms to it. Simple recipe, nothing much to it. You can cook in slow cooker, or in a pot or claypot over the stove. I used claypot for this recipe.

Half kampung chicken, chopped to biteable size 
Water for boiling, about 3 cups (700ml)
Handful of salted mustard, soaked, drained, rinsed and cut into strips
2 - 3 strands of ginseng (any ginseng would do but I used American ginseng from the CNY  hamper), cut into shorter strands
3 shitake mushrooms, halved
Light soy sauce to taste (optional)

1. Blanched the chicken parts then drained and washed before adding into a claypot of boiling water. 
2. Add in all the other ingredients except light soy sauce. Once boiling, turn the heat to lower heat. Let it simmer for at least 30 minutes or when chicken is tender. Serve warm. 
3. Add light soy sauce to your preferred taste. Or serve light soy sauce in dipping saucer together with the soup. 


suituapui said...

I still have the herbs I got from my friend, Mandy in KL. Perhaps, I should cook something with those - who knows they may help me rejuvenate. Feeling so lethargic, tired most of the time.

Angie's Recipes said...

That's the soup I would totally LOVE! So delicious and nutritious as well.

mun said...

Sounds delicious! Yums! 😋 Don't think I have eaten this soup before.

Nancy Chan said...

Very appetizing soup. This is one soup I won't be able to take for some time.

PH said...

That's interesting - the mix of ginseng and mustard greens. I am trying to imagine how it taste and I am sure I will like it.

Nux V said...

very homely soup...although i haven't try this before. Well, I guess none of the Chinese restaurant serves this...otherwise it would be very pricey!