Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Muara Tebas Seafood

Gosh, has it been that long since our last visit to this Malay village?? It was back in 2015 that we visited the same seafood restaurant as well in Muara Tebas, or Ching San in Chinese. 

Muara Tebas Seafood restaurant, one of the well known restaurants in this small fisherman village. It was known for its tasty and fresh seafood. 

The weather was good two Sundays ago, so we drove all the way to Muara Tebas for lunch. Slightly over 30 minutes since I was the driver. And lucky star on our side as we found a parking once we entered the village. Local collected RM5 for the parking fee. 

Not many people at the village that day.  It wasn't noon yet and maybe because of many days of rain, we didn't expect many crowds in the village. Only 2 occupied tables when we reached the restaurant. So we quickly ordered our dishes and waited for the delicious food to come. 

Soon enough, out first dish arrived on our table was this Kung Pau cockles. Just enough for everyone to enjoy few before everyone's favourite came. The o'chian!! Deep fried oyster pancake, Kuching's specialty. Big oysters with crispy flour pancake, who could resist!!

Simple stir fried midin to balance our diet. No comment on this vegetable.  Young, crunchy midin ferns, which we enjoyed.

Hubby wanted this white sand clams soup. Sorry, not sure what the exact name for this clam but it was called white sand (translated from Mandarin) as you could see how white the shell was! Mild, peppery soup with the flavour of clams; really reminded you on the ocean. Lol. 

2 big crabs cooked with egg for everyone to enjoy. They were meaty and fresh. 

Another clam dish. Steamed clam with minced garlics and spring onions. That was another way on how I take my clams. 

Lastly we had a pan fried threadfin fish (ngor hu). This was my favourite. Crispy and slight battered outside yet moist flesh inside. 

Our scrumptious lunch cost RM300 plus drinks. Most importantly everyone enjoyed the meal. And a little outing for the kids before they started their new school calendar.

Of course we didn't only came to Muara Tebas for its seafood. We took a stroll around the small village and went up to the Chinese temple. 

The view from the temple, and the breeze from the river worth all the stair climbing. It wasn't that high but somehow I was running out of gas once reached the top. Lol. Blame on my lack of exercises in recent month!!

After few minutes of resting and enjoying the view, we took our leave and went back to our car to head back home. 


Nancy Chan said...

I love seafood. Everything looks delicious.

mun said...

What a nice outing for the whole family! The delicious seafood is a bonus!

Angie's Recipes said...

What a great seafood meal!

suituapui said...

I went ti Ching San a long long time ago, some friends took me there. Such a long drive but the seafood is so fresh!!! We loved the white pomfret so much we ordered another one to enjoy!

PH said...

I have tried the crispy oyster pancake in Terengganu. If I remember correctly, the lady did tell us that it is a Kuching specialty.

Nux V said...

wow, seafood feast!! long time i never had fresh seafood feast coz i seldom go to the beach/shore which usually offers such dishes.

Agnes CF Lee said...

lots of seafood dishes. I don't eat much of the seafood scare they will triggle my allergy. Best place for tourists to have seafood there.