Sunday, May 16, 2021

Bento without rice

Kids and I had delivered dishes from our local food franchise, SCR last month. On our latest order this month, we had these 2 bento without rice sets from this eatery.

Jamie went for his eczema follow up in BK Klinik Kesihatan that afternoon so by the time we were done and we took our shower and change, I was rather tired and lazy to cook dinner. So food delivery was the other option and the kids were rather happy to have take-out food than my home-cooked meals!! Lol. 

Worry that due to Ramadhan month and long wait, I ordered the bento before 5pm. I simply cooked white rice at home while waiting for FoodPanda guy to deliver our food. 

Less than 30 minutes, our food arrived in these 2 plastic bento trays. RM12 each, we had stir vegetable with oyster sauce+roasted chicken+chicken meat roll in one bento and oyster sauce beancurd+omelette+chicken meat roll in another bento. The kids enjoyed its meat roll  in previous order, so this round I ordered it in both sets. 

Tasty looking, right?? We did enjoyed the dishes, except the beancurd. The floss on top tasted weird, not to our liking. We finished everything except the beancurd. 


suituapui said...

I think they only have one outlet left here, the one behind Hong Kong Bank, all the rest closed already.

Libby said...

Wow the price pf RM12 per bento set is so reasonable since there are 3 dishes. A pity that the beancurd with the floss does not taste good, I think it has gone bad.

Reanaclaire said...

I tasted one time they put pork floss on top of the beancurd.. I like it very much, it blends well with the steamed beancurd... If it tasted weird, maybe it is not fresh already. So easy to have bento sets, no need to do so much at home! hahaha..

mun said...

Food looks good. Just throw away the floss and eat the beancurd below it.

Nux V said...

I would scoop up the floss and eat the beancurd as to not waste the beancurd. Dishes look good...I can eat 2 bowls of rice for these.

PH said...

Looks good. Somehow I love when food is served bento style like that. I think the meat floss was not fresh anymore. The kitchen staff should check freshness of ingredients for quality control.