Monday, May 10, 2021

Arab rice

On the first Sunday of the month, hubby and I went to The Spring mall to buy some personal stuff.

Hari Raya decoration on the concourse with the theme of batik imprint.  Unique idea to cover the vehicles with fabrics to create that batik images. 

This giant batik jungle was nice too but I felt it did not have that Raya vibes. 

After spent some time shopping in Parkson, we went to The Food Bazaar for an early lunch. 

The food court was rather empty and quiet. It used to enjoy brisk business but maybe because of Ramadhan, not many customers around during the weekends. Of course hubby and I would not mind as Covid-19 cases are still around.

Hubby wanted to eat the Nasi Arab from this stall. We had it during our last visit last December and enjoyed it very much. 

So, I also followed him, decided to try this chicken akbari with Arab rice (RM13.80).

A chicken thigh in a nice sweet and mild spicy and served with shredded cabbage and chickpeas, this Arab rice was delicious and filling. 

Hubby had his cheat meal as he indulged in this Special Nasi Arab remix set (RM18). Mixture of yellow rice and Arabic rice with lots of chickpeas, braised beef and lambs plus shredded cabbage. Definitely a very heavy and sinful lunch but he loved it. 

We drowned our food with refreshing coconut juice (RM5.30). Both of us were very full from having the rice and juice! 

Wishing my Malay bloggers and friends "Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri". Have a safe, wonderful holiday. 


suituapui said...

Your hubby's platter looked so good. Wish I could have that here. No nice Nasi Arab around here, or none that I know of. So sad.

Nux V said...

That's a huge platter! i miss middle eastern cuisine!

Reanaclaire said...

Oh yeah, I wonder the malls here have any Raya deco or not, I guess this year, everything will be on a lower scale... The Arab rice looks so good, yes best with coconut water to cool down!

Nancy Chan said...

I will go for your hubby's plate of rice. Looks yummy! Nice raya decorations at the mall.

mun said...

That plate of goodies is really worth rm18! I would love to eat it!

Libby said...

Refreshing coconut juice to go with the Arab rice, very satisfying! Wonder will there by any Hari Raya decor at Geylang Serai area in SG?

Libby said...

*will there be

Ez Vina said...

Nasi Arab is getting more popular in Kuching now, but your husband's plate looks really appetizing. Make me also want to go and try :) While have to wait until the end of cmco then.

PH said...

The Special Nasi Arab remix set is so loaded! That's something very ngam for me hee..hee.. I love Middle Eastern food.

Twilight Man said...

Wow! I must say that their idea is so brilliant and unique to wrap the vehicles with batek cloths. It is so Malaysian and nice.