Tuesday, April 6, 2021

In packs

Last week on one morning, I ordered food from Singapore Chicken rice (SCR) , MJC branch. 

Jan and Jay used to enjoy their roasted chicken rice especiially when we resided in Sibu. There was one branch in MJC Kuching, but we have not patronised for quite sometimes now. 

So last week, while I was lazy to cook lunch and browsed through online delivery app, I spotted SCR menu. Since it has been ages we had food from SCR, it was a right time to order its dishes. 

In less than 20 minutes our order arrived at our doorstep in packs. 

I ordered this stir fried cabbage in oyster sauce, chicken spring roll and chicken set (RM12) without rice since I can cook white rice at home to go with it. 

Another 2 packs of fried drumstick chicken rice (RM9.50 each) for Jan and Jay. It came with cabbage pickle which I took out and tasted. More sour than salty. 

Lunch for 4 of us at home. We did not finished the cabbage and chicken set, so kept the leftover for dinner later that evening. 


  1. Most of their outlets in Sibu have closed down now...except the one in the town centre, behind Hong Kong Bank.

  2. The chicken rice looks good.. and I like pickled vegetables!

  3. There is no SCR in KL. The chicken rice looks tasty. I like sour cabbage, very appetising. A good lunch for everyone.

  4. I don't know why I like food served in trays like that. LOL!

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