Saturday, September 27, 2014

Regular diners

This is where you can find cheaper Western dishes in Sibu town. Food is alright; don't expect much for quality and taste.

Anson, we have been here few times now and we did enjoyed some of its food in the menu. We come here at least once or twice a month, so I can say we are regulars here.

*picture taken from google*

However I were slightly annoyed by one of the old lady servers who would go around the tables and ask customers to buy her red wine. Probably she has a short memory problem as each time I come here, she will ask me whether I am interested to buy home-made red wine.

Okay, back to the food.

My kids voted for its breaded fish (RM7.20) that was served here. They really enjoyed the fish very much.

And last week for first time, I tried its mixed grill (RM14.90). A big portion for such price, don't you think so?

It has lamb, beef, chicken and chicken sausage in a plate! Thought they served in pepper or brown sauce but turned out it was mixed herb sauce. Tasted like McCommick's mixed herbs that I used for my lamb stew! 

They were pretty generous with fries so at first I thought I wouldn't be able to finish all. However I proved myself wrong but thanks to my girl for helping to finish half of the fries.

When would we be coming here again? Soon I guess. 


Princess Ribbon said...

Aahh fish&chips, can never go wrong.. Kids will surely love it.. The mixed grill is cheap, looks good too.. Here, mixed grill is always RM30 above, quite pricey..

Blackswan said...

Rose, can't believe the plate of fish is just RM7.20!

mun said...

Hah I have been reading about this Anson at STP's blog too. Really very good value for money eatery. Always packed with people I read. Hope you are having a good weekend.

suituapui said...

They have some nice stuff there, and all very cheap too - must know what to order. Not fond of their pizzas and pastas though.

suituapui said...

Hah!!! That's my photo you got from google. Hehehehehehe!!!

Somewhere in Singapore said...

The portion of the mixed grill looks big to me...

Sharon D. said...

That's a great price for a western meal, Rose. I would end up going regularly too if I lived nearby.. ^.^