Friday, September 5, 2014

Another round over here

We just could not get enough of dim sum so we had to go to Good Happiness Restaurant for its wonderful dim sum.

But maybe next time we would go on Saturday because it was pretty packed when we dropped by on Monday.  Monday was a replacement holiday for National Day. The food and drink were slow and we waited quite long for our order. Some more the 3 flavoured siew mai we had were not well cooked. :( Meat was uncooked.

*recycled pic*

Luckily the others were good, like this for instance. Steamed pork rib. Tender and tasty.

The steamed buns had never failed us.

First time we ordered this chicken's feet on that day. They were nice and I liked the spicy and sweet gravy.

This prawn spring rolls were also our first. We like them. Very crispy and prawns were fresh.

They went well with the spicy dippings.

Another first timer for us was this dumpling soup. The clear soup waa good, flavourish with not too much pepper and salt.

We had a pleasant breakfast irregardless of the tiny hiccups. We will definitely back for another round of dim sum. :)


suituapui said...

Yet to go after that time I went with my ex-student and it was closed for the week. Not cooked? You did not complain - they would at least give you a new basket, I'm sure. They're big enough to be able to afford that.

When are you going again? Hint! Hint! :D

Rose world said...

Not so soon. Maybe after back from Kuching. ;)

Sharon D. said...

Chicken feet is totally my favourite! Looks good :D

Rose world said...

Not our favourite but we do order if it is on the menu.

Somewhere in Singapore said...

I loves dumpling

Hayley said...

You're so hardworking in blogging!
The dumpling soup looks good!

Princess Ribbon said...

Dimsum again, yay! Will never get bored of it.. I can have it everyday if permits.. My favourite has got to be the siew mai.. I can eat 10!

Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

Yup. Don't go during public holidat. Dim sum is always my favorite.

Rose world said...

Free mah. Most of the times stay at home, so blogging is my past time. ;)

mun said...

Next to sushi, dim sum is one of my easy to eat meal. Expensive than chap fan but once a week ok la. Not cooked? Should point this out to them for them to be more careful when cooking.

Have a good weekend!

Libby said...

I love dim sum, I like the chicken feet, the sauce and everything, I also like har gao, yummy!