Saturday, September 13, 2014

Kuching | we ate

Day 1

After my cousin and family arrived from Singapore, we brought them to Song Kheng Hai hall for late lunch. Almost all stalls closed by the time we reached there (almost 4pm). Ended up we went to this stall for kolok mee and tomato kueh tiaw.

Day 2

We had our dinner in Imperial Duck restaurant, Jln Padungan. Loved the duck and roasted meat there! We had the herbal jelly and herbal black chicken soup as well there.

Day 4

My cousin stayed till Wednesday. So before sending her and family off at airport, we went to New Chong Choon cafe, Green Heights for laksa breakfast. One of the best in town. And its 3-layers teh-C Peng was good too. Not too sweet yet it was tasty.

Day 5

One of our favourite kolok mee is Noodle Expert in Kenyalang. But since the owner lets the staff cook, it lacks of taste that we used to love. We were there for its noodle and we were rather disappointed. The noodle was hard and tasted bland.

The same goes with soup. It still tasted delicious but lack of ingredients. Last time we will be able to see some blood cubes, fish slices and liver slices but now only bacons and minced meatballs with some prawns and others.

Maybe the owner should give the staff more time to learn and master the skill and food quality. Or maybe the day we were there, the owner was busy and passed to the staff on that day only.

Day 6

At night we went to the nearby coffee shop, Big One Food Court for late dinner. Loved the red kolok mee here! RM3 per bowl now. The stall is called 88.

And we tapau-ed this RM5 char kuaw from one of the stalls there. A bit salty. Overly seasoned with salt and they were pretty generous with preserved radish.

Day 7

What did we have on Day 7? Coming up next!


Princess Ribbon said...

Eh reading halfway until Day 7 say comingup next pulak.. haha.. I like all your yummy food.. My favourite has to be the last one - char kuey kak..

Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

Isn't Song Kheng Hai is a rugby field? I think i know the imperial duck. I must go there one day.

Rose world said...

Yes. the building next to the field has hawker stalls.

mun said...

I see kolok mee repeated most often. Your Singaporean cousin and family must have a good time eating every day.

Blackswan said...

Kolo mee again, Rose?? Wow, you're such a fan!

Somewhere in Singapore said...

Although i had taken my dinner, the foods makes me hungry, hehe...

Hayley said...

Wow, all about eat! ;)

Imemily said...

I'm drooling now reading your blog post here!
next time I should blogwalking during day time ><

suituapui said...

Haven't been to any of the places you went to. Closest would be Lok Thian, same kongsi with Imperial Duck, they say and the halal dim sum they were selling at Tun Jugah once. I used to buy the dim sum - very nice. But yesterday on Facebook, somebody complained - siew mai all stuck together...and also not happy with the duck.

ahlost said...

i prefer Sin Chong Choon's laksa than the Chong Choon itself.. but I like Chong Choon's malay fried noodles.. very nice.. :)