Friday, September 12, 2014

Let's celebrate

(Warning : photos overloaded here!)

That was what we have been doing for the past few days in Kuching. Celebrating! First my brother's wedding and then my youngest child's birthday.

Yesterday was Jamie's 1st birthday and we invited my family for a Japanese buffet in Cafe Majestic, Riverside Hotel & Suites the night before.

Hubby and I been there few times during our "pak toh" times and the last time we were there was on my birthday back in 2006! It has been ages since we stepped into this premises. Much has changed including the interior decoration as well as the menu. Used to have unagi back then but no more. Nevertheless we still enjoyed its buffet variety.

the birthday boy

my mum carrying him while waiting for us to take our food

the Sarawak spice collection -not to be consumed!!

our reserved table

yummy salad with fresh mussels and scallops

mocha and sushi section

where is the refill??

yummy fried section

my first plate

scallops and mussel, anyone?

2nd plate of yummy

3rd plate of yummy.  By then, I were full!

who could resist the diy chocolate fondue??

Back home yesterday, we have a simple celebration at home for Jamie.  Remember that the sister picked a pen while the brother picked toy when they turned 1. So no exception for Jamie as we played the same picking game for him on his first birthday.

assortment of stuff in front of him

a bit of hesitation when he reached the front.  Looked like he was going to pick the drumstick but ended up, he went for the pen!! Next, was the keyboard! *wink*

a complimentary chocolate cake from Grand Margherita Hotel

Jamie cut his first birthday cake!


Princess Ribbon said...

Japanese buffet looks good.. I also love Japanese buffet.. In fact I love all types of buffet, haha.. Happy Birthday Jamie boy :)

Somewhere in Singapore said...

Happy Birthdy to Jamie...

Ez Vina said...

The buffets look nyummy, I havent been there for the dinner buffet for few years d.

mun said...

Happy belated birthday to jamie! Good celebration! Jamie is such a big boy now.

suituapui said...

Ooooo...Cafe Majestic! Can't remember the last time I went there. So so so long ago.

ChrisAu said...

Nice buffet and happy birthday to Jamie!! :)