Friday, December 21, 2007

Toddler Lost & Found

This is a story from my father and sister-in-law. This happened in a departmental store last Tuesday. True story. So, here it goes!
As usual, I gone to my aerobic class on Tuesday after work. While on my way there, I received a call from my sister-in-law (Ah Yea) saying they will pick my little girl on my behalf. So, with sigh of relief, I agree to this arrangement. However, due to the traffic jam in the evening, I couldnt reach my aerobic place in time, so I decided to detour back home without informing anyone. I reached home around 6pm. After shower and get ready little gal's bed, Ah Yea reached home with my little gal in her arm, saying she doing big business in her diaper again!!
While changing her diaper, my sister-in-law told me about my little gal wandering around and lost while shopping!! Gosh! Apparently my father-in-law was with her, and naturally been a curious and active toddler, she just run here and there, shouting around. My father-in-law was close behind! However, men always being men (anyone agree with me?), they always make lots assumption and take things for granted! He thought my daughter wouldnt be wandering so far away!
So, by the time realise she is not around, and after few rounds of calling out her name, still not sight of my little gal. So, Ah Yea (when buying her own stuff) came to rescue, and like panic couple, both searching around the departmental store looking for her! Hahahah! After searching for quite some time, a salesgirl approached Ah Yea and asked whether she is looking for a little girl! Relief!
Apparently my little gal was doing her business and hidden herself at a corner, keep quiet to herself! When she saw her aunty, she just said 2 words "ng ng!" So, with both sign of relief and laughter, Ah Yea just happily scoopped her and bring her back home! hahahah!
I dont know why little gal went to a corner when she has stomach ache, but what a fright she gave to both her grandfather and aunt! And of course, both got scolded by little gal's beloved grandmother for neligence.
So, thats my story telling! Next time, just dont take for granted because kids are kids! They tend to be curious and wander around without you knowing it. As for my little naughty gal, I am still hunting for those children leash so I can tie her with me when I go shopping. With lots of crime against little children around, it is better to be safe than sorry!


JenJen's Place said...

OMG! Luckily she didn't wonder far. Very nottie gal! hahaha..I think like you said previously, need to seriously think of toddler leash for her...

Ms One Boobie said...

I hear yer..! that's why i tell PB he has gotta hold the brat's hand.. and not let her outta his sight. He thinks i'm paranoid.. but i donch care.. as long as my brat is safe .. that's all that matters.

Sue Sue said...

Wah very dangerous leh. Make sure next must really really keep an eye one her. Nowadays those kid kidnapper not human one eh. My son also very nauhgty everytime go out must hold his hand tight tight. If not he will wander around as thought he know where to go!

KristyCK said...

Oh poor one! She just needed a little privacy while doing her big business and didn't mean to cause panic to her grandpa & aunt. Thank God she's fine.