Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Olive - A good fruit

My father-in-law brought some black olive during his last visit to Kuching. When I took photograph of the fruit, you can see it started to oxidize and skin turn crinkly (like your skin when soaked in water for too long). To eat them, we would boil them in salted water. Either you eat them like that or you can serve some sauce with them. Usually the sauce would be a simple one, i.e. soy sauce mixed with sugar (if you use sweet soy sauce, you can omit or add very little of sugar). I don’t like to eat my olive that way, I only love to add them in my pasta or salad.

Olive is a beneficial fruit, as it contains free fatty acid (FFA), which is not found in animal fat. FFA is easily absorbed by our body. Due to its benefits, olive oil has been extracted and classified into different categories based on its processes. You can find virgin olive oil and extra virgin olive oil in the market. It is regarded as the healthiest oil with 0% cholesterol, rich in Vitamins against aging and perfect for frying dishes. It is full of nice aroma and flavour, so nice to add in salad and everyday cooking.

Olive oil is good for us in maintaining our health. So I have been consuming olive groove butter and olive oil. LOL! Substitute to olive oil today!

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