Wednesday, December 19, 2007


I kept this postcard from an associate (the very first postcard sent by a shopper from Johor to me, greeting me Happy New Year in Year 2002!). I kept the postcard out of gratitude, remind me of a total stranger sending me a card after a brief meeting. I was helping and telling him around the shopping centre and surrounding places as his first visit to Kuching that time. The postcard was of Seafood Palace Restaurants in Singapore.

I have developed a new passion of collecting postcards and bookmarks in recent months. When I were young, I love to collect stamps together with my other younger siblings. We even exchange stamps with pen pals too! I think we have 2 stamp albums, but I am not so sure of their whereabouts now, maybe lost when we moved to another house.
I collect postcards and bookmarks out of hobbies now, unlike few years back, I would just have a look at the postcard and either throw it away or simply displace it somewhere. Not a lot of them for the time being as I have just started my collection. I find the designs of postcards and bookmarks rather expressive, modern and creative, unlike many years back where we don’t have many choices and design pretty boring! (lol – u get what I mean?). For me, they are easier to collect as you can find them almost in every retails and magazines as free gifts. They are also easy to be stored away, just keep them in a box. They may not be priceless like stamps or old coins, but believe me, postcards and bookmarks wouldn’t go obsolete! They are nice items to be considered collection too.

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