Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Kid's Activities

My little gal used to love to pose for photography. When she was a little baby, she would smile and pose when camera is pointed to her! Now it takes much effort to get her attention for poses as she gets distracted easily and cannot stand still for one second!

I was trying to get her to stand still last weekend, and again as rebellious as she has been, gave me this pose instead. It is very “unlady-like” I have to admit, but what the heck! I just took the shots anyway.

She is in her 20-months old, pretty active and bubbly. I spent most of my Sunday with her, teaching her to read and colour. Most of her vocabularies are in English and Chinese, once a while mixed with Hokkien and her own “language”. When I said one word in English, she will say it again in Chinese and vice versa. Luckily she has not yet confused herself with both languages! She has few favourite books to choose of, and usually took her quite a while to accustom to a new book. With new book, she will just flip fast and once reach the last page, she will just close the cover and say “No More”! With her old books, she will take her time, look around the photographs and point and tell you what they are………expecting you to clap and cheer for her! ~LOL

Little gal with her favourite doll, a grey bear she fondly call "bear bear".

A friend of mine gave me this Crayola Colouring Book, she said she couldn’t find it in any of Malaysia’s bookstores. She bought this book with colouring pens in Singapore as a gift for my little gal. The special about the book and pens is that its colours will only appear on the book itself when you use the pens. It is great as it would not stain your house or other stuff in the house! No mess for mothers to clean after! ~smile~ Wonder it is really not sold in Malaysia? Because some of the pens are out of colours and still few more pages to colour! Hahaha! Most of the time, it was the mum that doing the colouring because of curiosity and fun! I didn’t have such privilege when I was small. How lucky are our children these days! So many games, arts, colouring materials and toys to choose and play from!

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Shannon said...

hi!! this crayola really does sounds good... did u manage to get it in m'sia?