Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Picky Young Eater

I am not so sure how should I describe my little gal’s eating habit, but she is a very difficult-to-please eater! She simply doesn’t want any food in her mouth! It took lots of persuading to make her to eat and when it does, only few spoonfuls she will take! I am running out of ideas and tricks!

I tried feeding her tofu before, and she simply spit it out! Ggggrrrr! She doesn’t like soft stuff like cakes, but enjoy eating those hard and crispy food like crackers, cookies, and toast. I wonder how her babysister feed her in the day. Her babysister cooked her porridge, sometimes mixed with fish chunks, minced pork or with vegetables. She does take her milk 3 times per day, but that is only at night because she simply refused to take any milk at babysister’s house. Funny? Yeah, she still wakes up once or twice at night for her feeding. I don’t mind those late night feeding since I am getting used to it by now.

So during the weekend when she is with me, I seldom cook porridge for her as I knew she would fed up eating porridge 7 days a week. I try to think out-of-the-box for her menu and make her food more interesting. I will either cook some spaghetti (without sauce) for her, or simply buy a take-away kolo mee / mee goreng or some bread for her! She is a very choosy eater in the sense she doesn’t like either too sweet or sourish food too! Sigh. Wonder why she cannot be like other normal kids who love to experiment and put anything edible in her mouth? We were pretty concern about her weight and appetite. We did consult her doctor, but she said it is fine, just get her to take multi-vitamins. I don’t see much improvement though. Is it because she is simply not interested in food, but enjoys doing other things such as playing. Anyone got any tips for my kid? Very much appreciate it!


KristyCK said...

Look like we have the same problem. My son is a very picky eater too. He doesn’t like to eat meat or veggies or fruits. The only fruit he takes is apple and any dessert base on apple like applesauce and Dutch apple. But he like soup esp. tomato soup, mushroom soup and chicken soup. So that’s what he has for lunch. For dinner I make him porridge or rice then apple or applesauce for dessert.

InspiredMumof2 said...

Hi Rose,
Its normal for kids to be picky eater. My little girl and boy were both picky, but after I tried to do cute kiddy set meals, they love it! I'm not sure how old you little girl is (baby?) but try to mix and "disguise" healthy dishes like veggies and fruits. For fruits, my son loves the papaya and avocado mashed together. Naturally tasty and healthy. Or yu can try fruit salad (with coleslaw dressing). As for tofu, i cut them using cute hello kitty moulds and pan fry it with terriyaki sauce. Hope this helps!

Sue Sue said...

Both my kids also picky eater.They just don't want to eat until I did some cute kiddy meal for them. Inspiredmumof2 is right, try to create some interesting kiddy set for her. It mught helps.

Good luck.

Lee said...

Hi Rose, was over at Pearly's admiring her X'mas tree noticed your callsign and kaypoh over.
Re young kids picky eaters, I used to bribe my kids, put 20 cents infront of them, "eat this tofu you can buy ice cream". Those days ice cream cost 20 cents. Then 50 cents comic books.
Before I declared bankrupt, they started eating on their own except what I don't eat, tomatos and brocolli, ha ha.
My time, my mom or dad put our house status symbol infront of me, a three foot rattan cane or feather duster, no words spoken, as well those days 'human rights' not invented yet, but having a visual of that slim rattan motivated, or rather encouraged my eating.
My mom could outdraw Clint Eastwood anytime with her feather duster too.
Anyway, you and family have a happy X'mas and a wonderful New Year, Rose. Best regards, UL.