Thursday, December 7, 2023

Fried fritters

Latest stall in my coffee shop is this fried banana fritters stall. Started to operate on 1 December in Jia Hao Cafe. 

A friendly lady operator; she started off her business with fried bananas, fried sweet potatoes and fried vegetable fritters before introducing more on the menu as time goes. 

We gave her support by ordering RM5 for banana fritters (2 pieces for RM1). 

And RM2 vegetable fritters. Crispy and tasty. 

Coming up is her meat soup menu which will kick off once her ingredients received from China. 


Angie's Recipes said...

Fritters are always a crowd pleaser. These look crunchy and moreish.

suituapui said...

My girl loves fritters!

mun said...

Wow! The price is so customer friendly. Rm1 for two pieces! What a very good price. 👍