Thursday, November 23, 2023

That Sunday

It was hubby's birthday, so we didn't cook at home. After a good nap, we went to this food court for early dinner.

My man didn't want anything extravagant so a simple dinner with family in the food court was his wish. 

In the morning, my mil cooked chicken mee suah soup for lunch, so he got his birthday mee suah as well. We plan to have this in our coffee shop next month. What do you think?? Can pass?

Back to our Sunday evening. We had almost the same thing that we had on our previous visit in this food court, so I am not posting on the same food again. But this round, we ordered some satay home from this stall. We used to order through FoodPanda in the past since the stall only opens in the evening.  

We ordered 30 sticks of pork satay and 10 sticks of pork belly from Marin's Satay stall. RM50 in total. 

My mil wanted to taste the pork belly satay as we only tasted the pork satay only in the past. For those who love the fatty part, I bet they will like this.

The satay sauce was nice so we enjoyed it a lot. 

A friend gave hubby a birthday cake, that had the delivery guy sent over to our house. So thoughtful of him!!

Peppermint ice cream cake from our local bakery. That was nice; not so sweet. 

Vertical slice on the cake. The kids enjoyed and finished it the next day, which happened to be school holiday over here. Deepavali. Not a public holiday though. 


Angie's Recipes said...

That mee suah birthday bowl looks very tasty, Rose. Happy Birthday to your hubby!

PH said...

Happy Birthday to your hubby! I am sure your customers will welcome the chicken mee suah soup. It looks delicious. Wah..I have never had pork belly satay, must be delicious, I love fatty meat hee..hee...

Nux V said...

your MIL mee suah is the most delicious looking food among all the pictures. I would want to buy one if it is available in the menu ;-)

suituapui said...

Aiyor!!! Birthday once a year must go to some place special for a grand celebration bah! Food court can go anytime. I tried pork satay at Lau Ya Keng in Kuching - it did not tickle my fancy. My favourite is lamb. Btw, I have a blogpost on your coffee shop coming up soon. Stick around!

mun said...

Your chicken mee suah soup definitely can pass. I would definitely try it

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