Saturday, June 24, 2023

Our coffee shop

Well, it started just after CNY, when hubby and I had a good talk on our current family financial status and economy crisis. It wasn't that good. Hubby's job isn't going anywhere, a lot of pressure and he will be stuck in Sri Aman for time being. And with only one income, hubby can't support the family financially without concern of any sort. So after much talk, we decided to try something different. Something to change our status and also a better opportunity for advancement. A business venture. 

Everything felt like it was an answer to our prayer (thanks God for the right timing) as we found a shop right away. In my area, few minutes drive. The old coffee shop moved away and we found a good deal, and the rest was hard work and persistence!!

Attended online food handling courses, dealing with contractors and relevant authority, I learnt a lot along the way. Long days and nights of works in the shop by contractors and many days of scouting and shopping for necessary equipments and stuff. Thanks to my mil for helping out as she used to operate a hospital canteen for more than 20 years. 

After few months of planning and preparing (March till June), we opened up our coffee shop on 18 June!! Of course we got people to choose good date and time for the opening.  More or less, a good date and time to hang up the coffee shop signboard. Jia Hao Cafe is the name. Literally means "good family". 

We opened around 545am, heated up the water, getting ready the drink counter and preparing the tables and chairs. I got myself 3 workers, all young guys and not from Kuching but we provided hostel for them nearby. Kids came to help out too. As it was a Sunday, we had a bit of hiccups here and there. Everyone tried on getting used to the ordering and POS, we had a busy morning that day. Many customers came but mostly familiar faces that used to patronise the previous coffee shop. And my parents as well as other friends and associates also showed up to show support. Thanks everyone for the congratulatory, gifts and support!!

We have 2 stalls operating right now. The Kolo mee stall from this coffee shop, which we enjoyed a lot in the past. Kolo mee business was as good as ever with many customers came to support and dine in. 

The other stall was chicken rice that is selling steamed chicken, char siew and curry rice.  Super fragrant and soft rice with tasty chickens. So far I have tasted its steamed chicken rice, haven't try other dishes yet. 

As for us, we are in charge of drink, and breakfast (toasts, sandwiches and steamed baos). So that is a handful for us, but we are slowly get used to it. 

It has been a week since our opening. Latest update, Sarawak laksa stall will operate next week and there is an interested party taking up our economy rice stall.  I will blog more on the food when I have time!! 

Location: Papillon Street Mall (shop is below Level Up Fitness MJC, facing Courtyard Sanctuary Apartment)


  1. Congratulations, Rose! Hard work and persistence will definitely pay off in future.

  2. Congratulations! All the best! Good name for your shop 👍 food in your coffee shop sounds delicious! 😋

  3. What's the address? How do I tell people where to go?

    1. In MJC, the shop is below Level Up Fitness Gym.

  4. Congratulations! glad that the shop is doing well despite the hiccups in the beginning. Looking forward to more updates & perhaps some foodie pictures soon!

  5. Wow... Congratulations to you and family, Rose!! All the best in your business, I also look forward to more updates on your new venture!

  6. Congratulations on the opening of your coffee shop! I would like to see teh food served by all the stalls. I wish you every success and may your coffee shop be very laku all the time!

  7. Congratulations! I will be sure to stop by when I am back in Kuching at the end of the year!