Monday, November 27, 2023

Tom yum coconut

One Sunday evening, hubby, mil and I went to this coffee shop in Rubber Road for dinner. It was raining and dark although it was around 630pm. Nevertheless the bad weather did not stop us from going all the way there for our unique meal. 

Unique? Does having the food served in the coconut unique for you?? Oh yes, we were having tom yum served in coconut. Not one but three!!!

The operator is from Sibu, a Foochow Chinese Muslim. While we were there, he was busy doing his tik tok show where as his staff did the cooking. 

My mil had the seafood tom yum, while hubby opted from the big prawn tom yum. 

The lamb tom yum was my choice but we shared the tom yum coconuts among us. The gravy was fantastic. Very thick and flavourful. Really appetizing that we brought the leftover home to cook the next day. 

Besides the tom yum coconuts, we also ordered some side dishes from the coffee shop.  We had stir fried mixed vegetables, stir fried cangkuk manis with egg and stir fried omelette. Loved that they served brown rice over here. 

Our drinks and side dishes plus rice cost around RM35. The 3 coconuts was RM90 in total. We were happy and full from all the eating. The rain still came down heavily when we left the shop. 

De Laila Cafe is located in Rubber Road, opens from 8 am till 12 midnight. 


mun said...

Looks like it is well worth the trip in the rain. Price is reasonable.

suituapui said...

The one at Glory Cafe in Sarikei is very popular. I think they have that at Little Penang Kopitiam in Sibu but no, I didn't try. Can't touch prawns!

Nux V said...

i like tom yum and serving it in coconut is another level. Yummm!