Saturday, November 11, 2023

Tasty breakfast

It was my off day on Tuesday, and hubby was on leave. So together with my mil, we went to Tasty Delight food court which was opposite to Emart Batu Kawa for breakfast. 

On my last visit, I had the Penang Char kway teow, so I had that again. RM9 for this tasty dish, so good, so satisfying. Prawns, Chinese sausages and cockles accompanied this wok hei fried kway teow topped with fried egg made a tasty breakfast for me. 

Mil and hubby ordered these 3 dim sum. Mil wanted to try the xiao long bao so one basket of that. 

Not that good. Rather dry and no oozing soup from the dim sum. The har Kaw (prawn dim sum) wasn't that nice as well. Skin was thick and dry. 

For consolation, the steamed pork rib was better although looked rather pale. RM21 for these 3 baskets.

The best of all was the mini oyster pancake from the o'chien stall. We tasted its oyster omelette back in June before opening of my shop. Everyone enjoyed it very much. 

This round, instead of Kuching styled omelette, we tried its pancake version instead. Crispier and irresistible. RM15 for 10 pieces. Simply good.

We bought 2 sets of these home and you bet who took them the most!! Will come back for more of these, you bet. 


  1. All the dimsums and char kway mouth is watering :-))

  2. Ah, I want to try the pancake version. Don't think easy to find it here.

  3. Your fried egg looks nicer than a classy restaurant. Blogpost day after tomorrow. Gee! I'd love that mini or chian!